We are facing a sniper rifle (or rather 3 sniper rifles, since it is available in 3 different colors) for high-level airsoft. Before going into the technical specifications, let’s take a look at its dimensions and mass. The rifle, manufactured by ARES (a guarantee) has a mass of 4600 grams with a maximum length of 1225 mm. Use one structure made of 90% of CNC machined aluminum parts with some elements in nylon fiber, such as the receiver and the adjustable stock. The cheek piece is also adjustable. The bipod is made of steel, quick release, QD in 6 positions.

It is a good sniper rifle for medium-range, gas-operated airsoft, the rifle MSR-009 it is accurate, easy to use and carry. Thanks to the adjustments of the riser, stock and bipod, it adapts to all shooters for stable and precise aiming. It shoots in single-shot mode – safe and has manual loading with a blot-action system with a nice linkage equipped with a spherical knob. It is a slender shotgun with a clean line, the barrel has a black flash hider while the other parts of the shotgun can have 3 different finishes; black, tan/black, green/black.

As mentioned, it is a sniper gas rifle with a declared horsepower of 0.99 Jouleshas (obviously on this range of ASG) an adjustable hop-up system and has a gas charger with a capacity of 23 rounds. The rifle also has a scope mount. Interestingly, ARES claims these 3 snipers can also work with Co2.

What airsoft ammunition to use with this MSR-009?

This argument is a classic, as mentioned many other times it is very subjective, there are those who are happy with lighter 6 mm pellets and those who prefer those with greater mass. Surely, this sniper sniper shoots well both 0.18 gram pellets and those with a high mass (for example 0.40 grams), in our opinion, you could try some classic 0.25 – 0.30 grams and see which one suits you best. find better, always by adjusting the hop-up system when you change the type of BBs, the results should still be excellent but it is possible to find the best type of pellet based on use by doing some simple tests.

Codes and colors of the MSR-009 bolt-action rifle

Here are the product codes and the links to immediately order this valid ARES sniper rifle based on the color you prefer:

  • Color: green
  • Item number: AR-MSR009V

  • Color: black
  • Item number: AR-MSR009B

  • Color: tan/black
  • Item number: AR-MSR009T

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Usual recommendations; always protect your eyes with special ballistic goggles when you play airsoft or even when you take care of maintenance and modifications of your ASG, in the same catalog that we have indicated you can also find protective goggles that are very cheap and are essential for safety during the game , for the rest we just have to wish you good fun with it sniper MSR-009 by ARES

Summary data sheet sniper MSR-009 by ARES

  • ASG type: sniper
  • Brand: ARES
  • Material: 90% aluminum, Nylon parts
  • Color: 3 colors available
  • Power supply: green gas – Co2
  • Fire mode: single shots – safe
  • Magazine capacity: 23 rounds
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Power: 0.99 Joules
  • Hop-Up: present and adjustable
  • Length: 1225mm
  • Weight: 4600 grams

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