Are you looking for a great metal detectors? We have a couple of tips for you!

Metal detectors use electromagnetic induction to detect the presence of hidden metal objects. They can be used for hobbies, for recreational purposes, but also for more professional uses such as clearing minefields, detecting weapons, during archaeological or geological research.

Among the companies specialized in these products we find: Albainox, Detech, Fosco Industries, Garrett, Glock, Nokta Makro and several others. Today we will see two products among the best on the market, and it is possible to buy them online at excellent prices.

Let’s start with the top of the top: the Invenio Nokta Makro Metal Detector. Invenio is truly the definitive metal detector, it manages to discover the deepest targets, discovers what metal is the target detected, shows the depths of the targets as well as their size and shape, finally detects any anomalies of the earth.

This product accurately calculates the right-left, front-back movements of the search coil and determines its position and height above the ground. With the IPTU sensor, it is possible to follow the start and end points of the scanned area and view the positions of the detected targets. The artificial neural network enables the device to provide top shape draws as well as depth indications.

This metal detector has 3 non-motion search modes and 3 motion search modes, and you can set your own language among 17. Invenio can communicate wirelessly and is equipped with vibration. Thanks to the possibility of unmasking you won’t waste time digging for a target you don’t want and thanks to the LED torch and the backlighting of the screen it will be easy to use even when there is no full light. Finally, it is possible to save all the 3D graphics and screenshots and transfer them to the PC.

The central unit weighs 1.7 kg and the metal detector 2.4 kg, the rod is adjustable, uses 7.4 V LiPo batteries and is sold with the charger. The elliptical plate is interchangeable, waterproof and underwater. In the package you will find: the central unit, the metal detector, the IPTU wireless sensor, the INV40 plate, the INV28 plate, a carrying bag for the central unit, the belt, a headset, the charger, a car charger, a USB cable, a protective cover for the central unit, a protection for the IPTU sensor, the plate fixing screw kit, a sun visor for the central unit and a rigid transport case.

Another great product this Metal Detector ATX Pro, manufactured by Garret. This is a multi-frequency metal detector best suited for experienced researchers. Waterproof up to three meters deep, this item can operate in particularly extreme conditions, has 25 settings, its detection frequency is 730 pulses per second, its rod can be fully reclined to adapt to any search condition and the exclusive design of the DD search coil improves the detection of small jewels even in fast brushing. The ATX Pro Metal Detector is a high quality product and is extraordinary in the detection of very small objects located in depth.

The ATX includes two search modes: motion and non-motion, advanced ground balance with display indication, ferrous metal control and much more. When you buy it in the package you will find: a rigid case, a double plate, Garret terrestrial headphones, platform for recharging the batteries + 220V power supply + 8AA batteries + 12V power supply and shoulder strap with elastic cord to lighten the weight during the search. This item weighs 2.5kg and its length ranges from 51cm to 172cm.

These were two of many metal detectors that can be purchased online at very advantageous conditions, discover the product that’s right for you now!

By airsoft