Among the most appreciated weapons by the Softair player there is certainly the M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun Ares brand. It is a submachine gun for Airsoft with metal body, extensible crane stock in ABS and vertical grip.

The gearbox is 100% metal with metal gears and features like the high torque long axle motor and 6mm steel bushings. There is also an adjustable metal hop up system, while the piston head and piston are in ABS. The cylinder and barrel are made of brass and the barrel length of the M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun is 240mm.

Operating mechanism of the M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun

The M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun it fires in automatic, single-shot or burst mode and is effective at a shooting distance of 40-50 meters. The exit speed of the projectile is equal to about 95m/s and the machine gun has an increased magazine of 300 rounds. The pellet is 6 mm caliber and it is recommended to use 0.25 gram ceramic pellets.

The weapon is completed by four RIS weaver slides around the barrel with RIS covers and 1 weaver slide above the rifle. As for the dimensions, the M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun measures 70 cm with closed stock and 79 cm with open stock and has a weight of 2880 grams.

Who buys this airsoft submachine gun on specialized sites and portals you will find in the package, in addition to the machine gun, a magazine with a 300-round oversized magazine, the barrel cleaner, the rear sight, 5 metal RIS slides for accessories and 300 pellets of 0.25 grams in addition to the instruction booklet.

Why choose a SMG for Airsoft?

There choosing a submachine gun (automatic rifle) for Airsoft it can be for a variety of reasons, depending on individual preferences, playstyle, and the environment in which the activity takes place. Here are some of the common reasons someone might opt ​​for a submachine gun:

  1. High rate of fire: SMGs are known for their high rate of fire, which means they can fire a large number of shots in rapid succession. This can be useful in close combat situations or when facing several enemies at once.
  2. Ease of handling: SMGs tend to be more compact and lighter than other types of rifles. This makes them easier to handle in tight spaces or during rapid movement across the field.
  3. Style of play: Some players may prefer a more aggressive playstyle, and the SMG lends itself well to this approach due to its ability to continuously fire.
  4. Team Tactics: In some team play situations, it might be useful to have someone with a SMG cover the other players as they move or attack.
  5. Realism: If a player is trying to emulate a specific weapon used by special forces or military, he could choose a submachine gun used in that context.
  6. Balance between power and range: SMGs generally don’t have the same power or range as an assault rifle, but they offer a good combination of both, making them versatile in many types of game situations.

Sometimes, the choice of a machine gun it may simply be based on personal aesthetics or the appeal of a particular weapon model. In any case it is important to buy weapons and equipment from Airsoft, such as the M4 CQB Full Metal submachine gun only on specialized sites and portals that allow you to take home 100% original replicas always at the best price. You just have to experience firsthand the efficiency of this machine gun for Airsoft.

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