Whats a good airsoft M4 under $200. This question pops up all the time and for good reason. Not only is the M4 a popular weapon but $200 is a fair amount of money and most people cannot afford the higher priced airsoft guns that sometimes cost well over $300 and $400. Enough of that however lets get to the information you are looking for.

The Top Choice For That Price Range

By far the best M4 airsoft gun under $200 would be the G&G combat machines M4. This gun is sold by most online retailers for under $175 but do not let that low price fool you, this is not some cheap plastic poor performing gun. What it is is a tough weapon that will shoot 12-14 rounds per second at over 330 feet per second right out of the box!

Why Is It So Inexpensive

It is true that the cost is very low and many people might be wondering why but the truth is to keep costs down the manufacturer used a plastic like nylon fiber where ever they could. This not only keeps costs down but makes a very light gun as well. Even though the construction is nylon fiber there is absolutely no worries when it comes to durability, in fact in tests we have dropped this gun from 8 feet directly onto concrete with no ill effects or damage. That means that in average skirmish situations you will never break the G&G combat machines M4.

How Does It Perform

As I mentioned above the gun fires a tad over 330 FPS with.2 gram BB’s and fires in the area of 700 rounds per minute. Not only does it fire fast it is also very accurate. When testing this M4 we found that it was easy to hit a man size target out to 150-175 feet. This will put you right in the sweet spot for being competitive in your next weekend battle! Combine the awesome performance and low price with the legendary G&G quality and you have a true winner!

One FInal Note

One thing you have to keep in mind with the G&G combat machine M4 is that it does not include a battery or charger and you have to buy them separately, so that will add a bit to the price tag. It probably will put you a bit over $200 but you will be able to buy a quality battery and charger which will be much better then any stock units that a lot of guns come with.

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