Why this comparison? Because some neophytes who approach airsoft sometimes do not have in mind the differences between these two different types of ASG and so we wanted to highlight the main technical differences between a “classic” electric gun (in this case CYMA brand) and a valid electric gun with a very affordable price produced by another valid brand; G&G. Obviously some differences are obvious, such as measures and masses, but let’s still give an overview that can help you decide better on what to orient yourself.

The softguns covered by this comparison are:

  • Electric pistol 92 A1 (complete with Mosfet, lipo battery and battery charger) brand CYMA (item code CM132UP)
  • Electric rifle CM16 Mod 0 with G&G branded ABS body (article code GGMOD0)

Let’s start from a very simple and obvious comparison related to size and weightthe gun CYMA extension weighs 750 grams and has a maximum length of 216 mm, the rifle G&G weighs 2350 grams and has a maximum length of 875 mm. The prices, (which we will not indicate here but which you can see by following the link to the airsoft online shop where you can buy these and other ASGs) are both very accessible, especially that of the electric gun, given that there are models with prices of up to 4 or 5 times higher than this. These are models within the reach of anyone who wants to approach airsoft using branded and good quality products.

Magazine capacity

Here is an interesting comparison that talks about “fire range”, the pistol can also fire in automatic mode and its magazine contains 28 shots, after a few bursts you have to proceed with reloading the BBs. The rifle in question has an oversized magazine with high capacity, well 450 hits! Now you can get an idea of ​​how much range you can have in the field with the two softguns before having to reload the pellet magazine.

Power of ASG

Another interesting comparison, in these two cases, both as regards the pistol and the shotgun, the two brands have decided to indicate the power in output speed of the pellet. Unless otherwise specified, the value refers to 6 mm pellets with a mass of 0.20 grams. CYMA extension provides in this case the speed in FPS (feet per second) while G&G expresses the firing rate of his rifle in meters per second. Without the due conversion in meters per second (since we are Europeans) we know that the electric pistol 92 A1 shoot approx 61 m/s while the CM16 Mod 0 electric gun achieves the beauty of 100m/s with a spring power (declared by the manufacturer) of 1 Joule.

Shooting distance

Of course, with higher power, the shotgun G&G it lends itself to game actions that also include those at distances of 40-50 meters. The gun CYMA extension it is certainly more suitable for close attacks but can still be effective even at distances of 25-30 meters.

Type BBs

As for the dots, G&G he suggests the 0.25 gram ceramic ones for his rifle but declares that he can shoot all types. The gun CYMA extension it can work very well with the classic 0.20 grams but you can also try 0.18 grams or 0.23 grams and see how you feel better. Keep in mind that both the rifle and the pistol in this comparison have an adjustable hop-up system which allows you to optimize the compensation of the force of gravity when you go to change the type and mass of the pellets used.

You have now seen the main differences between an airsoft rifle and an airsoft gun, if you want to see the technical data sheets of these two ASGs in detail, you can do so by following the links below:

Electric pistol 92 A1 (complete with Mosfet, lipo battery and charger) brand CYMA extension (item number CM132UP)

Electric rifle CM16 Mod 0 with branded ABS body G&G (item number DGMOD0)

On the same airsoft online store you will obviously find everything you could want to prepare your game set-up, pistols, rifles, machine guns and precision carbines for airsoft, as well as all accessories of all kinds, including all types of ammunition for ASG . Search for your favorite softgun and enjoy! Always remember to protect your eyes with ballistic goggles!

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