Use an Airsoft Silencer For That Extra Stealth Factor

When people start thinking about making an airsoft silencer, questions of legality might come to mind. There is a misconception that owning a gun suppressor is illegal under United States federal law. However gun silencers are legal, as long as the owner has completed the appropriate paperwork and registration with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Airsoft guns use a spring to propel a small pellet from its barrel to a target and is not considered a lethal weapon. An airsoft silencer can be made out of paper and a few household items. Check your local state laws for more information on the purchase, creation, and ownership of silencers and airsoft silencers.

To make a basic airsoft silencer (suppressor) you will require the following items:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • scissors
  • toilet paper or cotton balls
  • tape of any kind, though duct tape works best
  • super glue
  • material to cover it with


  1. To make an airsoft silencer (suppressor), you first cut the paper roll in half and make it flat. Be sure not to fold it too much otherwise you might crease the roll making it useless.
  2. Use super glue and place lines of super glue on the inside of the roll.
  3. Then place either toilet paper or cotton balls on the super glue. When using toilet paper, it is easier to fold the paper into semi thick rolls and pack them down with tape.
  4. Add tape over that layer and add super glue on the tape and repeat until the results are satisfying.
  5. The final step in making an airsoft silencer (suppressor) is to roll up the roll again and tape it shut and attach it to your gun. You can tape it all black, but make sure to add a bright color at the end to show it is not a real weapon.


  1. Do not let the super glue sit for a long time because this will make it dry up before you can finish.
  2. If the roll is too light try adding support by duct taping it or adding multiple rolls onto it.
  3. The barrel of the suppressor should be clear and nothing should be sticking out.

Learn how to make an advanced airsoft silencer with PVC pipe.

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