If you are looking for a replica of the assault rifle used in WWII KAR98K you absolutely have to take this into consideration. It has a very precise execution with the stock made of high quality polymer and the other elements in metal. This gives a mass and a very realistic feel to the touch, the airsoft rifle weighs 3170 grams and has a maximum length of about 112 cm. It is made by the valid airsoft brand D|boys and in this version it is complete with a specific 3-7 x 28m optic.

It is a slender spring-loaded rifle, aesthetically classic and very beautiful as well as well made. The caliber is 6 mm, it shoots normal airsoft pellets in single shot mode. The loading is manual and the internal barrel measures 500 mm with a diameter of 6.02 mm. A system is mounted at the entrance to the barrel adjustable hop-up useful to be able to optimize precision and useful range every time you change the type and mass of the pellet. The body of this airsoft rifle is made of polymer with the various elements of the trigger group in metal. This softgun is complete with 5 shells and each shell contains a 6 mm BBs for a total of 5 rounds. The inserter of the cartridges is from above like the original rifle from which it derives, after each shot fired the shelling phase takes place, by loading the bolt the spent shell comes out and the new shell complete with 6 mm pellet is integrated.

At the time of writing this airsoft carbine it has an attractive price given the quality and the presence in the kit of the optics 3-7 x 28m and 5 shells for BBs. The article code is DBY-03-031927 and find it here.

As mentioned, it is a beautiful and classic airsoft rifle in black and wood, made with great attention to detail and with excellent quality materials, the brand D|boys it is a guarantee in this sense. If you are looking for a quality classic replica with a loading system that completely reproduces that of the original rifle from which it derives, you can certainly evaluate this one KAR 98K spring rifle

Remember to always protect your eyes with ballistic goggles when playing airsoft, have fun!

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