Can a question like this be answered? In the sense; Is there an answer or does it always depend on taste? Since we sometimes get asked this question, let’s try to give an answer that – even if not exhaustive and definitive – can leave some small useful food for thought.

Is an electric airsoft gun or a Co2 airsoft gun better?

We try to highlight some differences and some peculiarities of these two different categories of softguns.

Electric airsoft guns, some features and some considerations

  • Good power even if generally lower than Co2 guns
  • Wide processing possibilities (if of good quality)
  • High playtime with fully charged battery
  • Ability to fire bursts in automatic mode
  • Complex construction
  • Easily recharged with chargers

Co2 airsoft guns, some characteristics and some considerations

  • Good power (sometimes higher than 1 Joule)
  • Little possibility of elaboration
  • Average playtime with full Co2 capsule
  • Fires in semi-auto mode only
  • Simple construction
  • Refilling requires the replacement of the Co2 capsule

As you can see, there are some quite stark differences which can be interesting. If you are an ASG maintenance and processing enthusiast, le electric guns provide much more room for intervention and enhancement, the Co2 guns they have few elements and it is practically impossible to significantly increase their performance with mechanical modifications.

Power levelusually the Co2 guns they are more powerful (some are subject to the “overjolule” phenomenon). As for the autonomy of the game, the electric guns may have advantages, those a Co2 they must be recharged by replacing the pressure capsule, which is quite simple and fast. In terms of price, there are no big differences and you can buy valid pistols of both types already with a minimum budget of 50/60 euros.

We have attempted to answer (at least in part) the question “Is an electric airsoft gun or a Co2 airsoft gun better?” highlighting some important differences. We hope these can help you better understand which one is right for you, in any case take a look at the airsoft online store where you can see not only many models of electric or Co2 powered guns but also green gas guns and spring guns with manual loading, you will surely find the one that’s right for you!

By airsoft