Let’s start for a moment from the aesthetics and the impact of this replica, let’s talk about one of the most voluminous gas-operated airsoft pistols. In fact, it measures 243 mm in maximum length with a 135 mm barrel and a mass greater than one kilogram, 1080 grams to be exact. It is a bulky and imposing pistol for those who like the feeling of realism, blowback effect and full-metal construction certainly go in this direction.

This Hi-cap 6.0 Irex B Wet Custom it works with gas, it is simply recharged through the valve located under the charger, remember that the procedure takes a few seconds and that the green gas cylinder must be purchased separately, in a moment we will also give you some advice for maximum performance! As we have said, it is a 6 mm caliber airsoft pistol with a blowback effect, when you press the trigger, a part of the gas under pressure goes into a pneumatic system for the slide retraction, if you have never tried a pistol gas weighing over 1 kg with blowback effect, try it and you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

Shooting modes and magazine capacity WE Hi-cap 6.0 Irex B Wet Custom pistol

It shoots in automatic mode, single shot, safe, has a full-metal execution with a black and silver body, very beautiful, it also has a slide for accessories under the barrel. As it is right to expect from this ASG range, it has an adjustable hop-up system, very useful when changing the type and weight of the pellets, the front sight is of the fluorescent type with optical fiber. The magazine, also in metal and included in the kit, has excellent capacity with its own 29 rounds.

Here’s where to order it at the best price and with secure payments

Being a gas gun, we want to remind you that you can optimize its performance using the best green gas refills on the market, we list some of the most performing refill cylinders, some of which can count on 150PSI of pressure, with these you have excellent power, precision and absence of jams, even on this massive full-metal blowback!

  • Green gas 150 PSI 560ml Elite Force Umarex
  • Green gas for high performance airsoft – 750 ml DIABLO
  • Green gas 130 PSI 600ML Elite Force Umarex
  • Green gas 130 PSI SEC 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas 130 PSI WITH SILICONE 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Green gas 150 PSI WITH SILICONE 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS
  • Extreme performance green gas 3.0 – 1000 ml by WE
  • Extreme Performance Airsoft Green Gas 3.0 – 1000 ml by Nuprol
  • Ultra Extreme Performance Green Gas 4.0 – 1000ml by Nuprol

You can find them in the specific section of the airsoft catalog below

Also in this case, remember to protect your eyes with ballistic goggles and remember to get some good 6mm BBs, the ones with mass of 0.20 grams, 0.25 grams or 0.28 grams will certainly be fine by optimizing the hop-up system supplied on this one WE Hi-cap 6.0 Irex B Wet Custom blowback airsoft pistol

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