A flash article in which we want to talk to you immediately about a problem that grips many softgunners, let’s talk about real softgunners who play airsoft even in winter but who (also) have a gas pistol or a rifle with the same type of power supply but who suffer from loss of performance at low temperatures! Little power, little precision, jamming of the ASG… in short, little winter satisfaction!

But for all those who have this problem, we point out that they can use this special high performance green gas refill cylinder marketed by Umarex. This is a gas refill with well pressure 150PSI, among the absolute best on the market. The one we are talking about today has a capacity of 560ml and is called Green Gas 150 PSI 560ml Elite Force by Umarex

Its article code is UM-2.5065 and its price is – at the time of writing – only 9.90 euros, not bad for one of the most powerful airsoft gas refills on the market!

Umarex reminds us that this gas has a special suitability also for GBB rifles, it is a dry gas that can make your airsoft gun or rifle work even in very low temperatures, best declared operating temperature: from 2.5°C to 14°C. The bottle has a stainless steel nozzle.

If you too had problems with your pistol or gas rifle in the cold months, now you won’t have them because Umarex compensated for the Boyle effect with his special Elite Force 150 PSI 560ml green gas cylinder

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