One of the recurring questions among some of the less experienced airsoft players who use electric ASGs, therefore both pistols and airsoft rifles, is precisely this, namely “if I replace the battery of my ASG with one having a higher voltage (therefore more V) do I increase the firing power?“. Since electric pistols and rifles are powered by a motor (electric of course) it is logical to think that using a battery with higher voltage the motor will deliver more power – and this is true – but it can also be logical to think that the power also increases (in Joules or fractions of Joule) of firing the pellet. It is not soNow let’s figure out why!

In pistols and electric rifles the internal motor rotates at a high speed, say 20,000 – 40,000 rpm, this speed is reduced through a kinematic chain called bear-box, if you read our blog often by now you will know how it is done and what it is for the gear-box, if not and if you want to better understand how it works, read other articles in this same technical section that talks about airsoft. We were saying that the rotation speed of the engine is reduced, for example by 15 times (in gear-boxes that have a 15:1 gear ratio) and at the same time its force is multiplied by the same factor (called driving torque and expressed in Nm) . This force is used to compress a load spring and it is this spring – which is part of the air unit – that determines the power in Joules of the gun or airsoft machine gun. (We remind you that normally the airsoft regulation provides that the weapons used have a power lower than 1 Joule but always consult the regulation of your country for precise and updated information).

Replacing the battery with one having a higher voltage than the one used as original equipmentthe internal motor will rotate faster and compress the spring faster, but the force with which the pellet (BBS) will be projected out of the barrel will be the same since – as already mentioned – it is the spring itself that determines the exit speed of the projectile. What would change however, is the burst frequency if the pistol or rifle has the automatic firing mode.

To the question “If I mount a battery with a higher voltage, do I increase the firing power?” we must therefore answer for no and remember that by significantly increasing the supply voltage compared to the standard one, you could shorten the life of the electric motor and in some cases also of the other mechanical parts (gears, bushings, rack, linkages, etc.).

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