To detect the firing speed of a weapon, the time elapsed by the projectile in 2 points must be measured; to make this measurement, a chronograph. It is a digital device capable of controlling the movement of the pellet exiting the barrel of the ASG by detecting its speed (with great precision if the device is of excellent quality). If you are looking for a tool to check this data on your airsoft gun or rifle, which is also very useful when making changes and improvements to softguns (airsoft-tuning), we can suggest an excellent model proposed by Ace Tech which has excellent technical characteristics but a very affordable price; The Ace Tech Ac5000 digital chronographoptimal both for 6 mm airsoft weapons and for compressed air models.

Main features of the Ace Tech Ac5000 digital chronograph

  • – flight speed measurement in a range of 30 – 400 m/s (90-1200 FPS)
  • – measurement of the rate of fire (ROF) in a range of 100 – 5000 RPM
  • – 5 memory slots for different ammo settings
  • – very high measurement precision thanks to patented sensors
  • – user-friendly interface with LCD display with 128 x 128 pixel resolution
  • – 25 memory slots for muzzle velocity and rate of fire
  • – measuring aperture 24 mm in diameter
  • – power supply via micro-USB (5V / 0,5A – not included) or 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • – compatible with bipods equipped with a standard photographic thread
  • – dimensions 110mm x 83mm x 55mm
  • – mass 200 grams

You can find it here with a price that (at the time of writing) is contained in just 79.00 euros

Item number ACE-15-020239

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This chronograph it is useful in many cases but we think it is ideal for anyone who enjoys repairing and tuning airsoft rifles and pistols as it allows you to measure the differences before and after the various modifications made, just to give a few examples, the chronograph is optimal for measuring the velocity of the pellet after the following actions:

  • Load spring modifications on electric ASGs
  • Load spring and gear-box modifications on electric ASGs
  • Spring modification on manually wound ASG
  • Replacing the barrel with a precision one
  • Change of type of gas refills (for example going from 110PSI to 130/150PSI)
  • Exchange type of Co2 refills with others with greater performance
  • Replacing valves of gas or Co2 pistols or rifles

etc. etc.

Now you know how to measure the firing speed of airsoft guns and rifles with a low cost and relying on accuracy and reliabilitycome back to read us soon!

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