We have talked about the functioning of the gear box on other occasions, it is a relatively complex part which contains various gears, levers and springs; if you want to know how a gear box works you can read some interesting articles, actually look, to save you time we leave here the links of some that you should read to better understand how they work, here they are:

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Here we answer the question “What is the anti-reversal system in airsoft?” other component of the gear box.

Returning to today’s topic, How to clean this gear system? First of all let’s understand how this gets dirty. Obviously, the worst cases of contamination are those in which ASGs are used outdoors, in the presence of sand and earth. In these conditions, especially if the pistol or rifle is placed on the ground or if it is kept in pockets which in turn contain dust and sand, there is a greater probability that some of this dirt will reach the gear box.

Since this is made up of gears (usually 3 series of gears), foreign bodies (sand and earth) can end up between the teeth of the gears themselves. Not only that, we know that in the gear box there are also levers and springs (part of the anti-reversal and cut-off systems) and these can get dirty, compromising operation. Bushings, bearings and shims can also accumulate dirt, compromising general functioning, for this reason it is a good idea to periodically check the cleanliness of the system before this leads to malfunctions or, worse, mechanical breakdowns.

To clean the gear box, compressed air and some good multipurpose lubricant can be used WD40 (well known and easily available) can be an example of a good lubricant and unblocker. The only precaution concerns the electrical switch which is part of the gear box, avoid leaving it greasy, better clean it with a piece of paper to ensure that the contacts of the 2 blades remain clean and dry. Thoroughly remove all traces of sand and dust with the help of a small paint brush. Keeping this set of gears and levers clean avoids malfunctions, jams and prevents breakages which are certainly more expensive and inconvenient to repair.

We remind the less experienced that the gear-box is present in all electric ASGs, therefore pistols, rifles and machine guns powered by battery packs, are not present in gas-powered, Co2-powered and manually loaded ASGs. If you need spare parts for airsoft weapons you can rely on this online airsoft shop:

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