Some (not many) have sniper rifles or airsoft carbines capable of shooting the classic 6 mm caliber BBs even at 50 meters or more and are looking for a special, high-quality red dot. This model came to our mind because we already talked about it months ago in another context and some have been sold, it is a holographic red-dot dot suitable for long-range shooting with 2-color operation and 4 reticles, this is produced by JS-Tactical so you can rest assured that it is a quality product. The packaging already denotes care with its sturdy screen-printed box, but let’s say something technically.

It’s about a full metal optics which measures approximately 80 x 46 x 60 mm, then has a lens with a diameter of 30 millimeters and a weight of approximately 230 grams. Let’s say immediately that this red-dot is also gree-dot, it can in fact work with 2 different colors as we know – for example – that using the carbine or airsoft sniper in an environment with vegetation, the green dot becomes not very visible and it is possible to use the red colour, in other circumstances the green one could instead be more suitable. Its construction provides for a specific anti-fog and anti-shock technology, the assembly instead takes place on the classic standard guides present on almost all quality ASGs. The red-green light is selected with a dial that also allows you to adjust the brightness level. The CR1620 battery necessary for its operation is included in the kit together with the cloth for cleaning the lens, the Allen key for assembly, the instructions for use (at least at the time of writing).

As said, this holographic red-green-dot can be suitable for airsoft remote shooting lovers, has 4 different modes; dot only, dot with circle, cross only, and cross with circle. The selector for the type of reticle is located on the lower part of the scope body and is easily manoeuvrable, while the battery is housed in the ring of the dot brightness and color selector. The magnification is 1X and the lens is 30 millimeters with elevation and windage adjustments that can be made with the same Allen key that is used for mounting on the standard slide of sniper and airsoft rifles. The price of this holographic red-dot and green-dot sight complete with lens cleaning cloth, Allen key, battery, is currently less than 35.00 euros, the article code is JSHD110 and you can find it on this airsoft online shop at a very attractive price.

By airsoft