Even though winter is coming to an end, there are still many busy days where softgunners employing airsoft pistols or rifles suffer from performance shortages. The problem of the performance of gas-powered ASGs at low temperatures is now known and we have talked about it on other occasions (Boyle effect in relation to gas pressure and temperature). Well, today we are once again talking about a product that can solve this problem, in fact we remember that normal refills of green gas for airsoft can lead to poor performance of the gun / rifle or even jamming.

PROTECHGAS comes to our aid with a high performance gas capable of increase the pellet output speed up to 20FPS (6 meters per second).. A high performance gas available in different capacities and with a silicone-based lubricant content capable of preventing the formation of rust and corrosion of metal parts. This gas you can use it with temperatures up to 5°C without problems.

The cost is still excellent in relation to performance, the refill cylinders are available in different formats such as 100ml, 400ml, 600ml etc.

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