Not all gas-operated airsoft guns are created equal, that’s probably obvious, even in the 2023 there are many people who are entering the world of airsoft or are already experts but want to change their gun (perhaps outdated or out of order) or want to add a new softgun to the one they already have. Just as not all ASGs are the same, not all customer needs are the same, there are those who are looking for a pistol to use every now and then and perhaps don’t pay too much attention to the aesthetics or performance, while there are those who are demanding a little bit about all aspects and maybe even have the clearest ideas on the budget to be used for this purchase.

Today we turn to those looking for a high quality product, with an interesting aesthetic and above all with high performance and reliability, we therefore want to show you some models of pistols that may be suitable if you too have this vision. The models we will talk about are of high quality, built full-metal or with mixed materials, such as high quality polymer and metal for some elements, we will almost always talk about models blowbacks or blowback and with medium-high or high mass. We will only examine models powered by gas or Co2, and in some cases we will suggest new models that can be converted to both fuel systems, which is very, very interesting.

To do this, we anticipate that we will also be “suing” (in the positive sense of the term) brands that are relatively new to us and that offer really interesting and well-constructed pistols, but now let’s get to the point and list some interesting high-end pistols suitable for in this too 2023

  • Vorsk Hi Capa 4.3 gas airsoft pistol available in various colors
  • Vorsk Hi Capa 3.8 gas airsoft pistol available in various colors
  • Vorsk Hi Capa 5.1 gas airsoft pistol available in various colors
  • Vorsk EU18 gas airsoft gun available in various colors
  • Vorsk EU17 gas airsoft gun available in various colors
  • Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance gas airsoft pistol available in various colors
  • Vorsk 1911 VX-14 Requiem Edition gas airsoft pistol available in various colors
  • WE Makarov green gas airsoft pistol with silencer
  • Sig Sauer gas blowback airsoft pistol Proforce M18 P320
  • G&G GTP 9 gas blowback airsoft pistol
  • Sig Sauer gas blowback airsoft pistol Proforce M17 P320
  • Desert Eagle Magnum Research INC 50AE POKER EDITION Co2 Cybergun Airsoft Pistol
  • Chiappa Rhino 60DS full metal Co2 airsoft revolver
  • Sig Sauer Co2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol Proforce M17 P320
  • Colt by CyberGun gas blowback pistol 1911 Victory Girls
  • Colt by CyberGun Gas Airsoft Pistol 1911 Fly Girls
  • Secutor Arms Co2 Airsoft Pistol Rudis Magna 1911-XII
  • Chiappa Co2 Airsoft Revolver Rhino .357 Magnum 50DS “Charging Rhino”
  • Umarex by VFC Co2 Glock 17 DELUXE blowback airsoft pistol

As you can see, these are guns from well-known and good brands such as Umarex, Chiappa, Vorsk, Cyberguns, Mr Sauer but on the online airsoft catalog where you can find these guns you will also find many others of different brands and prices, these certainly represent high quality models, powered by gas oa Co2 (or convertible like the Vorsk for example), below are the links to see the models separated by type of power supply and the direct link to the brand Vorsk which represents an interesting novelty:

Gas airsoft guns

Co2 airsoft guns

Co2/gas convertible airsoft pistols

Suggestions that are also valid in 2023

Always protect your eyes with appropriate ballistic gogglesthey cost little and make the game safe.

Make sure you have standard 6mm pellets in diameter with mass suitable for the ASG you want to buy, often no suggestions are given in this sense but we can say that with these guns indicated you are not wrong and you can easily use normal BBs of 0.20 grams or 0.23 – 0.25 – 0 28 grams without problems, even the lightest 0.18 grams or the opposite of the heaviest 0.30 grams will be fine, if you don’t have any type of pellet at home you will easily find them on the same online airsoft shop that we have indicated to you above, some ceramic or other biodegradable material will certainly go well with these powerful gas and Co2 guns.

Surelyyou will need Co2 capsules or green gas refills depending on the type of gun, if you don’t have anything at home, remember to buy them otherwise you won’t be able to use the gun, you can also find these easily on the same store.

If you want maximum performance from gas-powered ASGs, look for high performance or extreme performance green gas refills, there are cylinders with pressures up to approximately 150PSI which will give excellent power and great realism, especially on the blowback versions!

Good fun!

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