If we have any lass among our regular readers, you must not miss this one! There are not many airsoft guns with coloring roseindeed, with these characteristics we don’t remember ever having seen them before, if you – dear reader – were looking for something particular and feminine, here you have found it! But if you are a boy, Keep reading anyway why this one Hi Capa gas pistol 4.3 it is also available in other colors, but now let’s see how it is made!

It is part of a new range of Vorsk GBB pistols which features a modern design and great construction care. Here we have power, style, reliability and quality, perfect pistols as secondary weapons to be combined, for example, with a machine gun or a good rifle. This is a handgun made in metal with some CNC machined finishes, working guns a gas and with effect blowbacktherefore with the retreat of the slide with each shot, a function that gives great realism during operation.

Under the barrel is a slide for mounting accessories such as lasers, led flashlights etc, the sled is standard 20mm type. The inner barrel has a length of 93.7mm with an internal diameter of 6.03mm. The length is standard with his 220mm while the weight is medium to high with approx 880 grams. The slide is of the lightened type thanks to a series of machining, the handle is non-slip, flared magwell and extended magazine base plate, cylindrical thread adapter (from 12 mm CW to 14 mm CCW), fluted outer barrel, front sights in optic fiber. Color pink are the slide, the magazine base and the initial part of the output barrel, the body and the pistol grip are colored black while some details (such as the trigger) are light metal.

As mentioned, it is a gun that chromatically is more unique than raremetal construction, blowback effect, quality finish and performance in a single item that you can order online here

In the kit you will find the Hi Capa 4.3 gas airsoft replica black and pink, black STD gas magazine, 12mm to 14mm flash hider threaded adapter, barrel bushing tool, spare gas nozzle, instruction manual with exploded parts diagram, Vorsk PVC patch

Compatible magazines for this Hi Capa 4.3 gas pistol Vorsk

VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine

VGM-02-02 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa CO2 Magazine

VGM-02-03 – BLACK – 23R VENGEANCE Gas Magazine

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this blowback pistol it is also available in other colorswe see here together with their article codes:

  • Version black and tan: item number VGP-02-02
  • Version black and pink: item number VGP-02-07
  • Version black and grey: item number VGP-02-03
  • Version only black: item number VGP-02-01

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Good fun!

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