Among the weapons most appreciated by those who practice Softair for amateur purposes or as a professional player are the green gas guns as the Green gas Makarov airsoft pistol with silencer, silver color – WE. Why prefer a green gas powered weapon? Surely it is a model similar to the more classic CO2 pistol but in which loading is easier. Let’s see the advantages of Makarov airsoft pistol at Green gas.

Why buy the Makarov Airsoft Pistol at Green gas?

The main advantage of a gas pistol is the fact of be able to load it at any time to bring the tank to 100%. Just take the cylinder and insert it into the valve in the magazine to have a pistol with full autonomy quickly and easily.

Another advantage of the Makarov airsoft pistol at Green gas is that the charging is really cheap given that with 750-1000 ml of cylinder you are going to spend only 11-12 euros. There are also models with built-in silicone lube, which is handy for keeping your gun lubed but can speed up the way your gun gets dirty if it’s used hard. In this case the advice for the softgunner is to alternate two cylinders for reloading; one with lubricant and one without this additive.

Those preparing for a raid and want maximum shooting autonomy can fill the magazine in a few seconds without special tools or procedures and with an affordable quality/price ratio.

Another feature of the Makarov Airsoft Pistol – the silencer

In addition to the green gas supply, another feature of the Makarov airsoft pistol and the presence of the silencer. This term means the shot noise suppressor or moderator of firearms. It is an accessory positioned in front of the mouth of the barrel which attenuates the propagation of outgoing sound waves.

In the military field as well as in Softair, the silencer has the purpose of not alarming the adversary and not making the enemy understand immediately and precisely from what distance and from where the shot was fired. In this perspective, the secondary effect of reducing the flash, i.e. the emission of light (and fumes) is also obtained and therefore makes the shooter less visible in low light conditions. Not negligible, for the shooter himself, the elimination of the nuisance due to the shot. This last aspect, where permitted (not in Italy), is the only one to consider in the sporting arena.

The technical characteristics of the Makarov Airsoft Pistol

Let us now see in detail the technical characteristics of the Makarov Airsoft Pistol. It is a weapon which, as mentioned, runs on green gas and is equipped with a silencer, proposed in a silver color and made by the WE brand. Who wants buy the Makarov Airsoft Pistol find it on the best sites of equipment and weapons for Airsoft with the code WE-MA01B.

Here she is data sheet of this appreciated and effective airsoft gunto be used in any context and battle in which you want to have a handy, precise and easy to load pistol.


  • Magazine of 17 + 1 rounds
  • Hop-Up present and adjustable
  • Metal silencer INCLUDED
  • Full metal pistol


  • Length: 165mm
  • Weight: 620 g


  • Pistol
  • metal magazine
  • instruction booklet.

Who chooses to fight with the Green gas Makarov airsoft pistol with silencer, silver color – WE needs to purchase the green gas refill separately, which, as mentioned, costs 11-12 euros for a quantity of 750ml – 1 litre. If the Makarov airsoft pistol it’s the right weapon for your needs buy it comfortably online on specialized sites.

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