There GPM92 MK3 gas blowback airsoft pistol G&G brand black color is an excellent weapon offered at an excellent price by a company in the sector such as G&G Armament, which was founded in 1986 in Taipei in Taiwan and specializes in the production of quality, precise, stable and reliable Softair weapons.

There GPM92 MK3 gas blowback airsoft pistol black G&G brand is made of 100% metal with black finishes and the dimensions reflect those of the original weapon, practical and easy to handle.

The length of the gun is 223 mm with a height of 140 mm and a barrel length of 116.5 mm. The weight is around 930 grams and the GPM92 MK3 gas blowback airsoft pistol black color brand G&G fires semi-automatic rounds with 6 mm caliber. The magazine has a capacity of 26 BBs and 0.23 gram BBs are recommended.

Working mechanism of the GPM92 MK3 gas blowback airsoft pistol

The GPM92 MK3 gas blowback airsoft pistol at the time of the shot performs a blowback movement with a strong recoil that makes it in all respects similar to the real weapon. It’s about a airsoft gun with Weaver rail under the barrel for placing additional accessories such as lasers and flashlights.

The power supply is Green Gas with oversized magazine valve and ceramic central valve with latest generation spiral technology. Those who choose this Airsoft blowback pistol buy a weapon with a MK3 type handle that can be completely disassembled like the original and always in a simple and intuitive way. Complete the whole new generation hop up ballistics calibration system fully adjustable with key included in the package.

The safety is placed on both sides of the slide with decocking (ambidextrous model), to give the possibility even to left-handed people to use it comfortably and the rear sights are of the fixed, non-adjustable model.

For what to buy the GPM92 MK3 gas pistol

There GPM92 MK3 gas pistol it’s perfect not only for Softair, but also for target shooting and for enthusiasts of collecting antique weapons. In addition to the weapon, the package also includes a magazine, briefcase and instruction manual and all that remains is to purchase your own GPM92 MK3 gas pistol to get into Airsoft combat.

The important thing is to remember to choose only 100% original products with accessories supplied by the manufacturer to bring home a weapon with excellent technical characteristics and perfect for Airsoft combat simulation or for collecting.

Why choose a green gas pistol for Softair

The GPM92 MK3 gas pistol works with green gas, an important choice for the Airsoft player and which has several advantages:

  1. Realism: Le green gas guns they are often chosen for their realism. They use a compressed gas similar to that used in real guns, which means they offer a more authentic shooting experience than other alternatives such as electric guns.
  2. Power: Green gas guns tend to have more power than other variants, such as electric guns. This can translate into better range and shot accuracy.
  3. Ease of use: Green gas guns are generally easy to use. Gas can be inserted directly into the gun, usually through a valve on the magazine, and the gun is ready to use. They do not require the use of batteries or other external power sources.

All that remains is to visit the site of manufacturers of weapons and accessories for Softair and buy your own green gas gun.

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