Among the weapons most appreciated by softgunners are the electric guns for airsoft and a model with exclusive features is the G&G MCP-556 Electric Rifle black in colour. Let’s see the characteristics of this model ei advantages of an electric gun for airsoft combat.

Features of the MCP-556 Electric Rifle

The G&G MCP-556 Electric Rifle boasts solid polymer receivers that offer reliability and durability in a lightweight design. It is a customizable weapon with the M-Lok handguardwhich allows you to adapt the shotgun to different needs and personal tastes.

The weapon is precise and long-lasting, a valid ally in Airsoft battles thanks to the internal and external metal barrel and boasts a 105-round MID-CAP magazine for sustained action and combat. The whole is completed by the innovative retractable and folding stock patented by G&G which improves the maneuverability and adaptability of the weapon and makes it suitable for different tactical scenarios and the constant electrical connection for continuous performance and maximum reliability of the Electric Rifle MCP-556.

The weapon also features adjustable flip-ip rear sights for maximum shooting accuracy and an adjustable polymer-style rotary hop up to achieve precise bullet location.

The MCP-556 Electric Rifle boasts a advanced control with MOSFET and ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) and is extremely precise and responsive. As for the shooting mode, this electric gun for Airsoft guarantees maximum versatility and allows you to shoot single shots, with safety and in automatic mode to adapt to any game situation.

Lightness and small size: the extra advantages of the MCP-556 Electric Rifle

The MCP-556 Electric Rifle has small size with 233 mm barrel for maximum maneuverability and accuracy. The length goes from 525.80 mm to 709.60 mm with adjustable stock on various lengths that adapts to any game situation.

The weight is 2650 grams and this rifle is light, yet robust, suitable for prolonged actions in the field and the black finish makes it an airsoft weapon very stylish. The MCP-556 Electric Rifle package does not include charger and battery so that the Softgunner can purchase these electric gun accessories separately based on his needs.

Why use an electric gun for Airsoft?

The use of an electric gun (AEG – Airsoft Electric Gun) in airsoft offers several advantages compared to other types of air guns or gas weapons. Here are some reasons why many people prefer to use electric rifles in airsoft:

  1. Reliability: Electric rifles are known for their reliability. They are usually less sensitive to changes in atmospheric conditions than air or gas weapons. This means they tend to work consistently no matter the climate.
  2. Ease of use: Electric guns are relatively easy to use and require less maintenance than some more complex air or gas guns. They are ideal for beginners in airsoft.
  3. Automatic or semi-automatic firing: Most electric rifles have the ability to fire in automatic or semi-automatic mode. This means you can fire quickly and repeatedly without having to manually reload after each shot.
  4. Magazine capacity: Electric rifles usually have a large magazine, which means you can fire a lot of bullets before needing to reload. This is useful in long-lasting airsoft games.

Electric rifles are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them convenient to operate without having to constantly purchase gas canisters or CO2 cartridges. Buy now the 100% original MCP-556 Electric Rifle at the best price, conveniently online!

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