Anyone who practices Softair knows how they exist electric guns of many types, which include famous replicas such as the AK, ARX or F2000 series and others such as the Famas, G3, LMG or the M14 and M16 series, the Scars and the Scorpions. Between best electric guns for airsoft there is also the Electric rifle G&G GC16 SRL black full metal, but let’s see how to choose the most suitable one.

How to choose the best airsoft electric gun

There choosing the best airsoft electric gun first of all it depends on the budget available and in this case it is advisable to invest at least 250 euros in the choice of weapon. Naturally, there are also ASGs that cost much less and much more, up to over €500.

It is also important to choose the Airsoft electric rifles of a famous brand such as the full metal black G&G GC16 SRL electric rifle, in order to have greater guarantees during the purchase phase and to be able to easily find original and non-original spare parts. If buy a branded rifle an ABS or polymer body is also fine, even if we recommend preferring a full metal model with an internal metal and precision barrel.

The choice of magazine is also important and also in this case the more resistant and long-lasting metal models are better. The best magazine for an electric gun has from 200 to 250 rounds and there are also those increased by 450/500 rounds. Finally, as regards the internal mechanics it is optimal a Airsoft electric gun with full metal gear box given the continuous stresses of the components. In this way you will always have a reliable weapon to win every battle.

The characteristics of the G&G GC16 SRL full metal black electric rifle

Who buy the G&G GC16 SRL full metal black electric rifle take home a full metal shotgun with electronic trigger and Mosfet system. The trigger and trigger guard are metal and the 230mm RIS is a Keymode model. The shotgun is completed by the adjustable stock with rubber cheek piece and the gas recovery lock barrel, as well as the ambidextrous magazine release button.

There are also removable flip-up sights and a polymer grip handle as well as a 300-round GMAG-V1 oversized magazine. The characteristics of the metal gear box which features 8mm oilness bushings, long 18000 Rpm Hi Torque motor and 260mm inner barrel.

The G&G GC16 SRL full metal black electric rifle it has an adjustable hop up system and fires 6mm pellets in automatic mode and with a single shot. In this case it is advisable to purchase the 0.25 gram ceramic pellets.

There pack of the full metal black G&G GC16 SRL electric rifle includes the gun, the 300-round magazine, the barrel cleaner and the manual with instructions for the correct use and maintenance of the gun. The dimensions of this electric gun for Softair are 715 mm for closed stock and 810 mm with open stock while the total weight is 2590 grams. The package of the G&G GC16 SRL full metal black electric rifle does not include the battery and battery charger and we recommend the use of a 9.6X1600CQB rear stock battery.

Airsoft battle and practice: the importance of the best rifle

Anyone who practices Airsoft knows the importance of being able to count on efficient and reliable weapons and the G&G GC16 SRL full metal black electric rifle it is definitely one of them. Buy it comfortably online on sites specializing in weapons and equipment for Airsoft and win every battle!

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