Those who practice Softair, simulation of firefights for recreational purposes, must take to the field well equipped. For this reason, in the online shops dedicated to amateur and professional softgunners there are firearms that represent the perfect replica of those supplied to the armed forces such as the GBB Silver Colt Junior Gas Airsoft Pistol.

The replica weapons like this cybergun pistol they are absolutely faithful to the original and have moderate power so they must be used with due precautions. The gun shoots spherical pellets with compression and for this reason it is defined ASG (Air Soft Gun).

In any case the airsoft gun it must be chosen based on the game context and the role of the softgunner and from time to time plastic or metal models are available online with different shooting modes.

Features of the GBB Junior Gas Pistol

There Silver color Junior GBB gas pistol is the new proposal of the specialized brand Cybergun and is made with official Colt license. It is a Softair pistol that works with standard 6mm pellets and is made of metal, with adjustable Blow Back and Hop Up.

The gun fires and works with a single shot with CO2 gas or green gas to be chosen from time to time and modified with the elements included in the package. There Cybergun’s Junior GBB Colt it is equipped with a safety device so as not to have accidental shots and the magazine contains 6+1 rounds.

Without a doubt, the weapon is appreciated as a real jewel among the various Airsoft guns small size commercially available and can be easily stored in your pocket after use, alongside larger and heavier weapons in battle. There colt proposed by Cybergun it is therefore the perfect reserve weapon that cannot be missing from the softgunner’s equipment.

Datasheet of the GBB Silver Colt Junior Gas Airsoft Pistol

There GBB Silver Colt Junior Gassoft Pistol is characterized by:

  • Gas operation
  • Full metal material
  • Magazine 6+1 Rounds
  • Hop-Up present and adjustable
  • Shooting modes: Safe and Single Shot
  • Length 115mm
  • Weight 350 g

Cybergun: the brand specialized in Softair weapons

Anyone who appreciates the features of Junior GBB Gas pistol will also appreciate the other pistols and rifles offered by the Cybergun brand and can be purchased conveniently online. In addition to weapons, the reference point for Airsoft enthusiasts also offers ammunition and accessories.

In addition to the Colt silver pistol, electric rifles, carbines, machine guns, pistols, all made of metal or ABS, are in great demand. And also magazines, flashlights, repair kits, red dots, customization rails, exhaust valves, muffler adapter, sights and much more. Since 1983, the brand has specialized in the creation of replicas of pistols that are 100% faithful to the original and has obtained licenses from the largest gun manufacturers, including Colt.

There GBB Silver Colt Junior Gas Airsoft Pistol it is a novelty of excellence suitable for beginners and experts and designed to offer the best performance on the battlefield. Buy it comfortably online at the best price together with pellets and refills of green gas and CO2 gas.

Along with this product you may be interested in other products such as other brands of airsoft guns, electric, spring and gas airsoft guns, ammunition and pellets of different weights, accessories to be mounted on the weapon such as torches, LEDs and sights. Our shop also has a vast selection of camouflage and technical clothing to always take the field with the best equipment.

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