For the beginners who are approaching airsoft for the first time, choosing the original equipment can be a challenge. A good option may be one gas gun. The gun Beretta 92FS gas with fixed barrel produced by HFCsfor example, costs about 35 euros and offers good performance and an attractive design. To use the pistol, you will also need one green gas cylinder to reload the magazine. To maximize the performance of the gun, it is recommended to choose cylinders of high pressure green gas how Green Gas 150 PSI 560ml Elite Force Umarex or Green gas with extreme performance! 3.0 – 1000ml by WE.

Airsoft is a very fun sport that is becoming more and more popular. Many newbies are wondering what to buy to start playing and obviously want to get the maximum result with a limited budget. A common option is the gas pistol, which offers a combination of simplicity, performance, and affordable price.

As suggested, a good choice could be the Beretta 92FS gas pistol with fixed barrel, produced by HFC. This pistol replicates a classic Beretta model, and has a black ABS body with fixed slide, has a length of 230 mm and a weight of 430 grams. Runs on gas and fires normal 6mm pellets in single-shot semi-automatic mode with a range of 30-40 meters. The magazine holds 14 rounds.

To use this ASG, you must also purchase a green gas cylinder to fill the magazine. There are several gas refill options, but to get the best performance out of this Beretta 92FS, you might consider high performance high pressure gas cylinders such as “Green Gas 150 PSI 560ml Elite Force Umarex”, “Green gas refill cylinder for high performance airsoft – 750 ml DIABLO“, “Green Gas 130 PSI 600ML Elite Force Umarex”, “Green Gas 130 PSI SEC 760ML C30 by SWISS ARMS” and so on.

In addition to these core elements, there are also other accessories that could be purchased later to enhance the gaming experience such as optics, laser sighting systems, silencers, grips, ammo belts and so on. However, with a budget of around 75.00 euros, you can order both the gas Beretta 92FS and the green gas cylinder, pellets and protective goggles.

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