If you are looking for a replica of a airsoft rifle gas and you don’t know where to go, here’s a little help. Today we will scan several gas rifles and green gas for sale online. We will see high quality products and mid-range products perfect for those who want to experience the passion of Softair with an eye to the wallet.

Let’s start by remembering some manufacturers of rifles for Airsoft: Aek, Ares, Cyma, G&G, Golden Eagle, Hfc, Jing Gong, Vfc, We, Well, Wg and several others.

Under €600

And now off to our list, let’s start with this one Bolt Action Mid-Range Sniper Rifle MSR-009 Green Gas Airsoft Rifle color tan, produced by Ares. Also co2 compatible, this speargun is powered by green gas and has been designed around a lightweight 90% CNC 6063 aluminum frame. This product has integrated bipod, adjustable stock and adjustable riser. This weapon is designed for medium-range shooting and offers everything you need in one easy-to-use, easy-to-carry package. The Sniper Rifle MSR-009 is a gas powered modular sniper weapon, it has the lower part of the receiver in nylon fiber, the adjustable stock in nylon fiber, the adjustable cheek piece and the bipod is in steel with quick release to 6 positions. 1225 mm long, weighs 4600 grams, has a single shot mode and has a safety catch to avoid accidental shots. The loading is manual with a bolt action system, the power is 0.99 joules, the hop up is adjustable and the magazine has 23 rounds. Also included in the package is the scope mount, bipod and gas magazine.

Under €500

Now let’s talk about Msk/Musoken Blowback gas airsoft rifle in black, produced by the We company. This replica has a metal receiver, metal outer barrel, metal m-lok style handguard, a standard full-lenth 20mm top rail, 2x standard 20mm metal 4 slot rails and 1x standard 20mm metal rail 9 slots. It works with a 30-round gas-charged polymer magazine, has removable flip-up rear sights, a retractable and folding polymer stock, a non-slip polymer grip and an orange polymer flash hider. This airsoft weapon fires in automatic and single shot mode, it also has a safety to avoid accidental shots and has an adjustable hop up. 680 mm long with closed stock, and from 850 mm to 925 mm with open stock, the rifle weighs 3400 grams.

Under €400

Let’s talk M4 CQB Blowback gas airsoft rifle in black color made by We. This weapon has a metal receiver, metal outer barrel and front sight, metal handguard with standard 20mm rails, and a 30-round metal gas magazine. Furthermore, this replica is equipped with a removable metal handle with an adjustable rear sight, a retractable polymer stock with a metal stock tube, a non-slip polymer grip and an orange polymer flash hider. Shoots in burst mode and single shots, as well as having the safety. Also equipped with a present and adjustable hop-up, this shotgun is 665 mm long with closed stock and 750 mm with open stock, weighing 3125 grams.

These were some examples, but online it is possible to buy different guns for Airsoft at the best price and not only gas and green gas, there are also electric, C02 and spring guns. Choose your Airsoft rifle now and live your passion to the fullest!

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