There bayonet it is a cutting weapon that in the past was mounted on the barrel of the rifle and the rifle with bayonet was a weapon widely used in warfare from the 17th to the 19th century as it allowed the infantry to attack the enemy at close range once the firearm ammunition. Today the French rifle with bayonet it is also used in historical re-enactments, but let’s see the characteristics and history of this weapon.

The history of the bayonet rifle

The term bayonet comes from from the French baïonnette, from the Basque city of Bayonne in France, where it was first made. Initially the bayonets they were about 90 cm long and, together with the length of the rifle, were used to repel the cavalry. The butt of the rifle was “planted” on the ground and the entire weapon bent forward so as to create a barrier of “lances” capable of stopping the cavalry. A second, shorter version of the bayonet, about 45–50 cm long, was used for hand-to-hand combat.

Even if the bayonet is mostly applied to rifles or carbines, there are cases in which this cutting weapon is used on other weapons such as the Pritchard bayonet for the Webley revolver or those of the Sterling and MAB 38 submachine guns. At least one reported case of bayonet attached to a light machine gunthe Japanese Type 96 (WWII).

In the modern era the French rifle with bayonet it is also used by police and paramilitary formations for public order services and the bayonets are ring-shaped or sabre-shaped. In many cases the bayonet becomes a separate accessory from the weapon with even special attachments.

The types of bayonet mount on the weapon

The bayonet is incorporated into the firearm case in various ways and comes with different types of coupling:

  • Involved: the bayonet rests folded along the case with a joint that allows it to be opened with switchblade knives;
  • Releasable: the bayonet to be put into operation is extracted from the rifle by pressing the rear part, just like you do with automatic ballpoint pens.

Features of the French rifle with bayonet for Denix

The French rifle with Denix bayonet is the faithful replica of the typical rifle with bayonet of the Napoleonic Era, produced by the Denix brand specialized in weapons for historical reenactments and which can be purchased on specialized sites and portals. The French rifle with bayonet has a metal barrel and bayonet, but a real wood shell and weighs 2800 grams for a length of 183 cm.

The flintlock and metal alloy mechanism is functional, but obviously not being a real weapon but only a faithful replica, it is not suitable for shooting.

This reproduction is perfect for historical reenactments of the era when Napoleon Bonaparte ruled the West: or in the years between 1804, when Bonaparte consecrated himself emperor in Notre Dame, until 1814 when he was exiled to the Island of Elba.

In the Napoleonic period, soldiers trained with this weapon could fire up to 3 rounds per minute and suspending the attack with a firearm they advanced between enemy lines with the bayonet.

Technical sheet of the French rifle with bayonet

Who buys on specialized sites the French rifle with bayonet buy a Napoleonic era weapon (1806) with wooden body, metal barrel and bayonet and flintlock mechanism that works with metal alloy. The dimensions and weight of the weapon are 183 cm and 2800 kg, respectively.

This is the perfect weapon for historical re-enactments of the Napoleonic period and to be purchased conveniently online.

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