There Fireball R96 black airsoft carbine with bipod and 3-9×40 scope it is a weapon that every amateur and professional softgunner wants to have in his Airsoft equipment. The world of Airsoft guns and carbines it is very vast and there are many producers and many different prices so it is not always easy to make the right choice. Let’s see some tips and what are the characteristics of the Fireball R96 airsoft carbine.

The construction material of Airsoft weapons

Most of Airsoft guns and carbines it is made of plastic, polymer, ABS, aluminum or other metals and these are the terms found in the descriptions of pistols, rifles and machine guns. However our advice is to choose one ASG made with polymers and metals, which represents the best value for money.

There is no shortage of totally plastic or full metal weapons with their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a polymer pistol weighs 500-600 grams based on dimensions and construction techniques, while a full metal weapon can weigh even more than 1kg.

Of course also i rifles and carbines made of polymer and ABS like the Fireball R96 airsoft carbine they have some mechanical parts: the barrel is made of steel or aluminum and the gear box is made of metal for greater durability. In this case we speak of a reinforced gear box with metal or full metal gears. In full metal pistols the body is also made of metal and those looking for a light and easy to handle weapon should opt for polymer rifles and carbines such as the Fireball R96 black airsoft carbine with bipod and 3-9×40 scope.

In general when choosing an ASG importance must be given not only to the type of weapon, the loading mechanism and aesthetics, but also to the material with which the barrel is made and to the chemical and mechanical treatment it undergoes. In general, the precision barrel in metal or polymer offers greater precision and power in the shot and for this reason it is preferable to the plastic model.

Technical characteristics of the FIREBALL R96 FULL OPTIONAL model

There FIREBALL R96 FULL OPTIONAL rifle is produced by Well airsoft gun brand and comes with an adjustable metal bipod and 3-9×40 optics. The magnification of the 40 lens is from 3 to 6 and there is a reinforced 18 kg spring and professional for Airsoft.

This metal carbine it has a black polymer body and is a weapon that allows the softgunner to shoot with great precision at long range. The stock is adjustable and the manual loading, there is also an adjustable hop hup and single shots are fired up to 50-60 meters. Complete with a 35-round magazine.

As for the dimensions of the FIREBALL R96 FULL OPTIONAL, the rifle measures 116 cm and weighs up to 4 kg and are included in the package:

  • 3-9X40 OPTIC
  • 200 PELLETS OF O, 20 gr

Why buy a carbine instead of the classic electric gun?

Who thinks playing in a role where mostly yes shoot from a long distance he will have to orient himself in choosing the weapon to be used for Airsoft on one carbine instead of the classic electric rifle. In particular, we recommend the amateur and professional softgunner to purchase the FIREBALL R96 BLACK SPRING WITH BIPOD AND OPTIC 3-9×40 proposed by the Well brand. All that remains is to go into battle!

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