The world of Airsoft is vast and there are many weapons of various types, brands and prices. To choose a good weapon you need to know its characteristics well. Today we will look at some together electric guns for Softair of different prices produced by different companies expert in the sector.

Among the brands that produce these weapons we find: Ics, Snow Wolf, Vfc, G&G, Ares, Big Dragon, Classic Army, Cyma, D-Boys, Cybergun, Golden Eagle, Lancer Tactical, King Arms, Sig Sauer, FN Herstal, Tokyo Marui, Umarex, Well and many others.

Depending on how the weapon is made, it will have different characteristics: from the shooting distance to the magazine capacity, up to the material with which it is produced. Let’s see together some rifles of different price ranges, maybe your next Airsoft weapon is hidden among them!

Under €700 – MK12 MOD I Electric Rifle with fixed stock made by Colt by VFC.

Let’s start with this fantastic top-of-the-range shotgun model equipped with a fixed stock made by VFC with an official Colt license. Black in color, it features the engraved Colt logos on the metal body, aluminum rail, polymer stock, metal rear sights and metal flash hider. The Bolt Cath is working, has the metal Gear Box QD ver.2 ECS., New Type High Torque long shaft motor and Hop Up present and adjustable Rotary model.
This weapon has automatic firing mode and single shots, plus it has a safety to prevent accidental shots. Here are other features: Mini Tamiya battery attachment, reinforced piston with 7 steel teeth, metal trigger and aluminum cylinder. This VFC rifle is 960 mm long and weighs 3200 grams. Also included in the package is the oversized 300 bbs hi-cap magazine and the Flip Up rear sight.

Under €650 – Electric Rifle FN P90 (Krytac) with original logos, black color made by FN Herstal.

We continue with this great replica with original FN Herstal logos and license made by Krytac. This weapon features inline Mosfets, standard 8mm bearings, Deans battery plug and quick change spring mechanism. The body is polymer, the Krytac Gear Box and gears are metal, the rotary Hop Up has an enlarged door to accommodate use with gloves and can be opened manually, or by pulling the charging handle on the back. This P90 has a 200-round or 50-round convertible magazine and has a special feature that once the rounds run out the replica stops firing. The shooting mode is semi-automatic and automatic, plus it has a safety to avoid accidental shots.

Under €600 – Electric Rifle ProForce MCX Virtus AEG with black Mosfet and Etu made Full Metal by Sig Sauer.

We arrived at this beautiful Sig Sauer electric rifle with logos on the reciver. Modeled after its real-life counterpart, the Sig Sauer ProForce MCX Virtus Airsoft has a fully CNC machined receiver, integrated M-Lok handguard, 3-position telescoping stock, full-length picatinny rail, and a modular locking accessory mounting system. With a 120-round Mid-Cap monofilament magazine, integrated Mosfet and Etu, present and adjustable Hop Up and working Bolt Catch, this 6 mm caliber shotgun is truly exceptional. The Gear Box is an Avalon VFC with quick change QD spring and High Torque motor. 737 mm long, this replica weighs 3 kilos. The package also includes the magazine and the speedloader. For best results it is recommended to use an 11.1V LIPO battery and an appropriate charger.

Under €500 – Mp7 A1 electric rifle with 120bbs monofilament magazine in black, Original Heckler & Koch made by Vfc By Umarex.

We arrived at an electric rifle from Umarex made in 1:1 scale and equipped with original H&K lettering and logos on the body. This Airsoft replica has an extendable stock and integrated folding handle. Furthermore, the shotgun is equipped with a metal Gear Box with a dedicated 4-gear operating system, the present and adjustable Hop Up, the removable Flip Up sights and the ambidextrous shot selector. Finally, the steel gears, the reinforced polymer piston with all steel teeth, the bearing bushings and the polymer pellet pusher make this speargun a very robust product. This replica is 418 mm long and weighs 1665 grams. Also included in the package is the 120-round single-stack magazine.

Under €400 – M4 Black Rain Ordnance Carabine rifle made by King Arms.

This airsoft rifle has unique serial numbers, a laser engraved “let it rain” slide, steel cocking lever and 12.5″ CNC aluminum full metal body with engraved Black Rain Ordnance logos. This 6 mm caliber replica runs on a rechargeable battery and fires single or burst shots, as well as having a safety catch to prevent accidental shots. It also has a steel hexagonal flash hider, ergonomic training weapon system grip, adjustable stock, adjustable metal Hop Up, Flip Up rear sights and oversized 370-round magazine. The Gear Box is a steel QD V2, the long Axle Type motor and the gears are in steel. This Airsoft replica with closed stock is 860 mm long and reaches 940 mm with open stock, weighing 3210 grams. The package also includes the oversized magazine and the black flash hider.

Under €300 – Electric Rifle PCC45 M-Lok equipped with Etu and Mosfet, black, made by G&G.

We have arrived at a respectable figure and we find a G&G replica made of metal and robust polymer with anodized CNC Aluminum M-Lok handguard, 110-round mid-cap magazine with fake .45 bullets, ump45 style folding stock with pad in shoulder rubber and metal Flip Up sights. This Airsoft replica also features an ambidextrous selector, ambidextrous bolt catch and ambidextrous cocking lever. Inside, however, we find the integrated electric trigger, a 4th generation Mosfet Upgraded, Gear Box G2, Ifrit 25k rpm long shaft motor and adjustable new generation rotary Hop Up. This replica is 740 mm long and weighs 2015 grams. The monofilament magazine is also included in the package.

Under €200 – Electric Rifle M14 Socom 16 wood color made by Cyma.

Finally, we have come to a replica with an excellent value for money. This Electric Rifle from Cyma is made of polymer and features wood-like parts. The rifle has a metal cocking handle. This weapon has a metal outer barrel and flash hider, a metal Gear Box, steel gears, a short shaft motor and an adjustable Hop Up. This replica shoots in full mode and single shots, it also has the safety. Finally, it has an adjustable rear sight and a standard 20mm top rail. This rifle is 960 mm long and weighs 3180 grams. The package includes the 470-round magazine, the NI-MH battery and the NI-MH battery charger.

These were just six examples, but there’s so much more! Discover now all the electric guns for sale online at the best price!

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