Let’s go back to talking about airsoft processing, specifically the elaboration of the air group, which is the set of components that transforms the rotary motion coming from the gear-box into air compression. The main components of the air group are these:

  • Spring guide
  • Spring (the one that determines the power of the ASG)
  • Cylinder
  • Piston – piston head
  • Push ball
  • Various gaskets

The spring is compressed by the piston which – in turn – is moved by the last gear of the gear box which “hooks” to the rack placed on the piston itself. When the spring is released, it pushes the piston all the way into the cylinder, compressing the air. The pellet pusher positions the pellet at the mouth of the barrel (or of the hop-up system if present) while the compressed air accelerates the pellet to literally shoot it out of the barrel of the airsoft weapon.

To improve the performance of an electric rifle by acting on the air group (it being understood that beyond a certain level it becomes necessary to also act on the gear-box and/or motor) one can start from the primary element, i.e. the spring. As anticipated, it is the pre-load of the spring that determines the pellet exit speed and therefore the power. There replacement of the spring with a reinforced one can easily allow you to increase the power and effective range of the electric gun. For example, a spring that supplies a power of 0.5 Joules can be replaced with a spring that supplies 0.7 Joules, sometimes a modification of this type is enough to have greater performance and range of the rifle. If the force of the spring used is noticeably greater than the stock spring, it may be necessary to vary the gear box reduction ratio or replace the motor with one with greater torque. In certain cases, when the elaboration of the air group is more incisive, it may be necessary to intervene in both directions.

Returning to processing of the air group, you can opt for the assembly of improved cylinders (for example in ergal), reinforced pistons in ABS or other material, improved gasket sets and perhaps using a piston with a rack equipped with metal teeth. However, replacing the spring remains the most effective thing and if the mechanics of the shotgun are already of a good standard (for example full-metal gear-box, hi-torque motor, etc.) initially other modifications may not be necessary.

If you are looking for springs, other elements of the air group or everything contained in your electric gun (and not only) you will find everything in this online airsoft catalog.

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