Anyone who practices Airsoft knows the importance of buy an excellent shotgun as the Airsoft weapon can be the difference between losing and winning the battle. When choosing, it is important to take into account the shooting method, the role in combat and the budget available.

Why buy an electric gun for Airsoft?

THE electric guns are among the most popular among those who practice Softair due to the fact that the Airsoft electric rifle it is comfortable and flexible, it fires bursts of shots allowing you to concentrate on the battle even if the power is not always optimal.

As far as functionality is concerned, however, the airsoft rifle, is battery powered that runs on electricity and generates enough power to fire the shot. Made in Full Metal or ABS the electric rifle ensures high performance even during the most intense fights and among the most appreciated models by those who practice Softair there is the Electric rifle D98N THOMPSON complete WELL.

Features of the WELL Complete THOMPSON D98N Electric Rifle

The D98N THOMPSON complete WELL electric rifle is a weapon that was born in 1919 and was designed by John Taliaferro Thomson. It is a historical rifle used from the Second World War onwards and which looks like a machine gun less than a meter long. In addition to this, the weapon has become a symbol of American prohibition and it is an interesting replica also for those who practice Softair, embellished with wooden parts in the stock, grip and under-barrel.

To the amateur and professional softgunner this rifle by Well it offers an excellent rate of fire and incredible handling and is light and compact. The best selection of electric guns for Softair and the Electric rifle D98N THOMPSON complete WELL you can buy them at the best price on sites specializing in Airsoft equipment and clothing and you just have to choose your favorite weapon to go into battle.

Technical characteristics of the D98N THOMPSON complete WELL electric rifle

Who buy the THOMPSON D98N Electric Rifle complete WELL can count on a weapon that fires automatically with single shot or burst mode and has a shooting distance of 35 meters. Not only that: the complete WELL D98N THOMPSON electric rifle has a 300-round magazine and a 6xaa 500mah 7.2 V battery supplied with charger.

Among accessories that complete this airsoft electric gun there is the weaver slide above the rifle, the silencer and the flashlight while the pellets are 6mm and the manufacturer recommends using the 0.20 gram ceramic ones. In the package that can be purchased easily online on the best sites for softgunners there are: D98N THOMPSON electric rifle complete WELL, 6xaa 500mah 7.2v battery + battery charger, 300-round magazine, barrel cleaning rod, 0.12gr pellets, silencer, red dot and flashlight.

As regards the size the D98N THOMPSON complete WELL electric rifle has a length of 820 mm and a weight of 1100 grams.

The importance of the best airsoft rifle

Those who practice Softair must be able to count on excellent weapons and in this sense the WELL complete THOMPSON D98N electric rifle certainly represents one of the best electric guns commercially available and the perfect replica of a quality weapon used by combatants from WWII onwards. The advice is to choose this one electric rifle for airsoft if you are looking for a reliable and light weapon, perfect for moving comfortably and quickly on the battlefield without being noticed by the enemy. Get yours now Electric rifle D98N THOMPSON complete WELL online!

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