One of the most popular weapons among softgunners is the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle full metal weapon available in black and produced by the well-known Cybergun brand. It is a latest generation shotgun that mounts a mount Gearbox Full Metal GEN2 with 8mm bushings to stress less the mechanics. The shot takes place thanks to a 1 Joule power spring with MOSFET system.

The durable and practical Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle it is characterized by the metal body and thanks to the rigid and robust structure it offers great resistance and precision in the field. The weapon is completed by a metal M-Lok rail that allows you to insert different accessories and customize the Airsoft electric rifle according to your needs and preferences.

Among the extra accessories of this airsoft weapon there are torches, lasers and grips to improve shooting and optics and red dots can also be mounted on the upper slide to hit the target with maximum precision and speed.

General characteristics of the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle

Professional and amateur softgunners enjoy the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle for a variety of purposes general characteristicsamong which we mention:

  • Weapon made of 100% metal;
  • M-Lok style metal handguard;
  • Standard weaver full length top rail for mounting scopes and accessories;
  • MOSFETs increase the responsiveness of the replica;
  • Adjustable stock for maximum stability;
  • 300 BBs Increased Magazine;
  • Flip-up adjustable and removable sights;
  • Quick release spring guide;
  • Fire Modes: Safe – Single Shot – Automatic.

As for the size Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle is 800 to 870 mm long and weighs 2725 grams offering a good compromise between handling and power. It is a Airsoft electric rifle perfect for mid-range combat and which can only satisfy lovers of this discipline.

The technical specifications of the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle in detail

In addition to the general technical characteristics, it is also good to know the Technical specifications which make the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle so appreciated by those who practice Airsoft. It is a piston weapon with all metal teeth and made of metal and polymer to resist shocks and wear and last a long time.

The Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle it mounts a version 2 metal gearbox and the gears are in steel with a sectoral mechanism with delayer. The piston is in polymer and the bushings in 8mm steel, while the cylinder is in anodized aluminum and the barrel in 6.03mm precision brass. The engine of this airsoft rifle is long shaft torque and low resistance wiring with reinforced electric trigger. The spring guide is a quick release always made of polymer and metal and there is also a rotary V2 hop up.

Where to buy the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle

Who wants buy the Colt M4 Hawkeye Electric Rifle can turn to the best sites of weapons and equipment for Airsoft. The package includes a battery charger, a 9.6x1100mah nimh battery, a 300-round metal magazine – oversized and a manual.

All that remains is buy the Colt M4 Hawkeye to experience firsthand the exclusive features and functions and all the advantages of one of the best airsoft electric weapons. We are sure: this Airsoft electric rifle it will be able to satisfy the tastes of every player, both beginners and professionals who always want perfect equipment.

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