THE electric engines they are fundamental components in the replicas of pistols and rifles used in the airsoft game, obviously we are talking only about the electric ASGs, the only ones that have an internal motor. These engines allow you to generate the energy needed to operate the firing mechanism (also composed of gear-box and air group) and allow players to fire the classic BBs with precision and power. Let’s see how an electric motor works in these replicas and how it contributes to the gaming experience.

Basic Structure of Airsoft Electric Motor:

An electric motor for airsoft replicas consists of several key components, including the rotor, stator, commutator and brushes. The rotor is the moving part of the motor, while the stator is the fixed part (magnet). Brushes are contact devices that transmit energy from the battery to the motor.

Operation of the electric motor of the ASG:

When a player pulls the trigger on their airsoft replica, the electrical circuit closes, allowing current from the battery to flow through the brushes and into the motor. The electricity powers the motor, which starts to turn. The rotational movement of the motor rotor generates a magnetic field which interacts with the magnetic field created by the stator. This magnetic interaction process creates a force of attraction and repulsion that spins the rotor. This rotational motion is then transmitted via the gear-box to the thrust spring in the firing unit (part of the air assembly). When the mainspring is compressed, it is forcefully released, advancing the firing mechanism and firing a pellet through the barrel of the replica.

Types of electric motors:

There are several types of main electric motors; they are brush motors and brush-less motors. Brushed motors (usually used in electric ASGs) use brushes to transmit electrical energy to the rotor. Brushless motors have no brushes and use a permanent magnet structure. These motors are more efficient, longer lasting and require less maintenance than brush motors. They are sometimes used in high-end replicas, as they offer superior performance and longer overall life.

Electric motors are crucial components in airsoft replicas, allowing players to fire pellets with precision and power. These motors use the principles of magnetic interaction and electric current to generate the rotational motion necessary to operate the firing mechanism.

If you want to know in detail how an electric motor for airsoft works you can search more information in our technical section. We particularly recommend that you read one of our articles where we explain how to build an electric motor for airsoftthe article is this

and it is particularly interesting to understand how a motor of this type works, however, in the article itself, we remind you that it is not a simple thing to do and it is usually better to buy a new high performance electric motor to have a safe and lasting result.

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