Defcon5 is the leading Italian company in the production of military supplies of products tactical and camouflage clothing and military accessories. Defcon stands for Defense Condition (translation state or condition of defense) and indicates the state of peace (or a possible declaration of war) of the United States of America against another country. DEFCON is a particular state of alarm, it is used by all US military forces to coordinate an attack or defense action. This decision is taken directly by the President of the United States and by his closest collaborators, who also include generals or senior ranks of the naval, air or land military forces. Defcon5 is part of the historic FOX group, and is a real point of reference on the international market in the military supplies sector. The strengths are a great experience gained thanks to the family history in the field of military supplies. Defcon5 is part of a close circle of official supplier companies of NATO and his army. All Defcon5 products are recognized as products of excellent quality and manufacturing excellent, it is no coincidence that it must pass strict checks before being able to be part of the official supply of the Army. Maximum safety and guaranteed quality are the cornerstones of the company based in Maniago, also called the city of knives. All items are highly performing, with years of studies and technologies behind them to be part of a soldier’s clothing. Among the various products that are marketed and that are available in airsoft online shop.

We can find balaclavas, hats, caps, tactical belts for rifles, polo shirts or military t-shirts, camouflage jackets and coats, official uniforms of the Italian Army, combat uniforms, elbow and knee pads, helmet covers, tactical trousers, accessories such as magazine pouches , tourniquet holders, military tactical backpacks, gloves and thermal shirts, patches or both long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts, survival jackets or universal holsters for pistols, radio pockets, tactical vests and padded belts, fanny packs and backpacks, leg holsters, tactical gloves, sleeping bags, pockets for maps and notebooks, accessory pockets or various utility pockets, grenade pockets, tactical bags, thermal clothing, backpack bags, travel trolleys, document holders, etc.. Most of all these products are available in different color versions, from Italian green to black, from multiland to green, passing through navy blue up to white.
Defcon5 is a supplier of military accessories and clothing to the Italian Army and NATO, all products are guaranteed by excellent quality. To obtain the highest quality, Defcon5 designs and manufactures solutions capable of being able to face any military situation in complete safety and with the best equipment. Defcon5 workers come up with projects dedicated to the very high standards required by the various Armies. All products, before entering the market, are tested to verify their reliability and operational resistance. The tactical camouflage clothing items are developed and manufactured following specific and strict instructions, then supplied to NATO armies and supplied in various UN missions. A guaranteed success obtained from constant teamwork, makes Defcon5 appear as the leading company in the production of tactical camouflage clothing.

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