Today we “unpack” a branded spring pistol Cyberguns which can be a good way to approach airsoft or softguns to understand how they are made and to start having fun. Given that the budget necessary to buy this pistol is very limited, it can then make you want to switch to a superior model, perhaps still from this same valid brand.

The gun we are talking about today is a replica of PT92 made in ABS black in color, aesthetically it is a classic, it is a very familiar and well-known line. Obviously we are talking about a 6 mm caliber, therefore a model that shoots the classic spherical pellets with a diameter of 6 mm. The package – speaking of pellets – includes (at least in this example) a sachet with a hundred yellow BBs with a mass that should be 0.20 grams, the reference one with which the manufacturer declares the power of the pistol and the pellet exit speed, we’ll talk about this in a moment. Aesthetically it is well made, very light to hold and with a secure grip guaranteed by the non-slip texture on the handle. The writings appear on the right side PT92 And CAL. 9mm PARA, on the same side we also have a safe “slider” type control, therefore sliding. On the opposite side we have engraved a serial number and other fictitious commands.

This PT92 Cybergun it has spring loading, to load the gun the slide must be moved back overcoming a certain mechanical resistance (that of the spring in fact). The spring inside is black and has a power of 0.5 joules with a pellet exit speed of about 71 meters per second, a figure found with pellets weighing 0.20 grams, a bit as always happens.

The body, as we have said, is made of ABS as well as the charger. This has a capacity of 12 BBs and is released by pressing a button on the left side of the handle, the magazine has a lever useful for inserting the pellets, even through a possible BBloader. The box has the lower part in shaped polystyrene and the cover in gray cardboard with the logo imprinted on it Cyberguns and the “FIRE Line” logo. Inside we find the spring-loaded PT92 replicathe instructions and the envelope containing some pellets.

Technical data sheet Cybergun PT92 spring gun for airsoft made in ABS

  • Replica model: PT92
  • Body material: ABS
  • Body Color: Black
  • Charger material: ABS
  • Magazine capacity: 12 BBs
  • Loading type: spring
  • Shooting Mode: Single shot
  • Power: 0.5 Joules
  • Pellet output speed: 71 m/s with 0.20 gram BBs
  • European product code: 3559962100022

Don’t forget to always protect your eyes with ballistic goggles!

By airsoft