Certain paintball guns must use HPA. This is for a number of reasons. In this article I will explain why compressed air for paintball guns makes sense.

They may be more expensive than Co2, but they are well worth it when you have a fast shooting electronic or mechanical paintball gun.

If you didn’t know, nitrogen, compressed air, and HPA tanks are all the same thing. You can fill all of them with a nitrogen tank or a high pressure air compressor.

Why is HPA better than Co2? Co2 provides less consistent performance. It exists in two separate forms inside the tank, liquid and gas. When rapid fire occurs the liquid evaporates into gas and cools the tank. This can cause a gun to freeze up and make a tank extremely cold. Sometimes liquid can get into a marker and cause problems with velocity. Cold weather can also cause problems. It makes the pressure drop in the tank and causes problems with velocity.

Compressed air is immune to cold weather problems and provides excellent consistency, unlike Co2. If you have an electronic, or a fast mechanical marker, or if you play in cold weather often HPA is a good choice.

When buying a tank check out the size and what it is made of. They can be made of steel, aluminum or they can be fiber wrapped. Fiber wrapped tanks are more expensive but are lighter than aluminum and steel. Steel and aluminum tanks are cheaper, but can be on the heavy side.

By airsoft