Some wonder what the compensator for air rifles or airsoft guns and effects there is a little confusion between these compensators, silencers and other accessories. Let’s try to better understand what they are and what they can be used for, to do so, let’s start from the function that the compensators have on “real” weapons.

Even here, in reality, one can get confused as they are sometimes called differently and sometimes have slightly different functions and purposes. THE compensators they were created with the aim of limiting the movement of the rifle or carbine axis following the rapid and energetic release of gas from the barrel during firing. Very similar accessories are also called “muzzle brakes” and have the main function of limiting the recoil of the weapon.

Limiting the recoil effect can be useful both to make use more comfortable and to reduce the physical readjustment times between the shooter and the weapon. In fact, after each shot, both the recoil and the lifting effect of the weapon force the shooter to correct his posture and realign the rifle or carbine, this can affect his ability to aim during sequences of close shots. Actually, i compensators oi muzzle brakescan be used not only on small self-operated weapons but also on larger caliber artillery.

Back to ours compensator or muzzle brake, this consists (in real weapons) of a metal cylinder which is screwed to the barrel outlet and which has holes oriented in different ways according to its function. For example, a muzzle brake which has the sole purpose of reducing the recoil effect, will have openings with a design oriented towards the rear of the weapon, this to allow a part of the exhaust gases to give the weapon a acceleration towards the front to counteract (in part) the recoil effect given by the opposite reaction to the release of the projectile. Compensators which instead have the purpose of contrasting the upward movement of the weapon during firing, can have lateral and/or lower outlets to direct a part of the combustion gases downwards and therefore counteract (at least in part) the tendency of the weapon to move up.

Side effects of compensators or muzzle brakes

The use of these devices can have some side effects, for example they can affect the firing noise (increasing discomfort) and generate flows of burnt gases towards the shooter’s face, reducing comfort when using the rifle or rifle . In particular cases, such as for example the use of the gun while lying down, this gas leak can generate movement of powder towards the shooter, a phenomenon absent in the “standing” use of the gun or carbine.

Compensators for air guns

Even in compressed air-powered weapons, compensators can be useful for mitigating upward or recoil movements, in some cases the same accessory also acts as a silencer. While airguns have very little recoil, compensators can help improve shooting accuracy by reducing the air swirls that can uncontrollably build up at the rear of the bullet as it is pushed out of the barrel. In the case of target shooting with compressed air weapons, the compensators can help to make the shot more precise.

Compensators for airsoft weapons

In the airsoft field, the confusion can further increase as the catalogs of accessories for pistols and rifles may contain compensators that have an aesthetic, silencer or compensation function, a little like on compressed air weapons. Compensators for rifles can be made of aluminum or polymers, here are some models you can find on the airsoft online shop

  • Compensator for air rifles (compatible with Hatsan BT-65, Hatsan Galatian, Hatsan AT-44 S, Gamo coyote, BSA Buuccaner, Kral Arms puncher)
  • Compensator for PCP rifles – Europ-Arm (compatible with Hatsan BT-65, Hatsan Galatian, Hatsan AT-44 S, Gamo coyote, Gamo GX-40, BSA Buuccaner, Kral Arms puncher)
  • Compensator for .177(4.5 mm) and .22 (5.5 mm) PCP rifles 23 cm (compatible with Hatsan BT-65, Hatsan Galatian, Hatsan AT-44 S, Gamo coyote, Gamo GX-40, BSA Buuccaner, Kral Arms puncher)
  • Compensator for .177(4.5 mm) and .22 (5.5 mm) Rifles – Umarex (compatible with all .177 and .22 air rifles with 1/2 “UNF thread)

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