Today we talk about one Co2 pistol produced by WE and for which we received several requests for information at the beginning of March, so why not describe it by talking about its main characteristics? First of all we tell you its product code so we don’t forget it and no mistakes are made on the online airsoft catalog, here is the article code: GC0317

Let’s talk about one replica for airsoft with full-metal execution, the weight of 1250 grams “betrays” (in a good way) the metal construction; also in this case we are talking about a gun that offers good realistic feedback. If you were looking for a lightweight airsoft gun stop reading this article. Actually no, read it anyway!

That said, let’s get back to our Co2-operated replica, it’s a Colt M1911A1 Professional full metal which shoots the classic 6 mm pellets. Since we have just talked about its mass, we will also tell you its length, approximately 210 mm. We almost forgot to tell you that this Colt M1911A1 Professional it is of type blowback. A portion of the pressurized carbon dioxide is used for the system blow back which provides additional realism when firing the shot.

Obviously everything is subjective, but we consider this airsoft gun one of the most realistic ones as it has all the necessary ingredients to resemble the real model from which it derives; weight, metal for construction, blowback effect with every hit! If you are looking for a good, reasonably priced, powerful and quality branded airsoft pistol (remember that this is an ASG manufactured by WE) you can definitely take this into consideration.

Let’s go on to say that this Co2 gun has a magazine with a capacity of 22 roundstherefore average for this category of softguns, then has double safesystem adjustable hop-upgrip with non-slip texture and black color for the body.

In the package, in addition to the replica Colt M1911A1 Professional full-metal, you will also find a pack with 100 6 mm pellets and a mass of 0.20 grams (at least at the time of writing). As far as the BBs are concerned, we suggest you also try 0.23 gram, 0.25 gram or 0.28 gram pellets by adjusting the hop-up system (which in this model, as we said, is adjustable) so as to see which mass of bullet you feel better with, being a relatively powerful Co2 gun, you can shoot effectively you can shoot all types of normal pellets, even with medium-heavy weight.

In summary, here are the main features of the Colt M1911A1 Professional replica

  • Brand: WE
  • Black colour
  • Execution: full metal
  • Trolley: mobile, blowback
  • Weight: 1250 grams
  • Length: 210mm
  • Feeding: Co2 capsules 12 grams
  • Safe type: double safe
  • Hop-up: present and adjustable
  • Magazine capacity: 22 rounds
  • BB Caliber: 6mm
  • Item number: GC0317

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