The Co2 Airsoft Revolver Rhino 50DS 357 Magnum 6mm HARLEY QUINN is made in a limited edition of 100 pieces by Chiappa Firearms has a black color and a 6 mm caliber. It is a world premiere and realistic weight, size, handling, compactness replica of the famous Chiappa RHINO in Airsoft and Airgun.

This Airsoft revolver it is produced in Taiwan by Wingun and assembled by Chiappa Firearms in Brescia and is distinguished by the fiber optic sights and the front sight adjustment itself, as well as by the protective cap of the weapon cylinder and the moon clip. The weapon is delivered in the hard case with Rhino collector’s patch and has a special handle with a very impressive gray / black wood finish.

Features of the HARLEY QUINN Rhino 50DS 357 Magnum 6mm Co2 Airsoft Revolver

The Co2 Airsoft Revolver Rhino 50DS 357 Magnum 6mm HARLEY QUINN it is a full metal firearm with a wood effect grip with integrated CO2 key and official markings “RHINO 50DS .357 MAGNUM”, “HARLEY QUINN” as well as the Chiappa Rhino logo.

The shooting mode is single and double shot and there is an active safety flag just like in real weapons that rises every time the trigger is pressed. The slide allows for 5 slots to be mounted and has a length of 50mm and the weapon includes an active barrel lock pedal. The shooting speed of a 0.20 gram pellet is 95m/s and there is an adjustable hop up and a rotating cylinder.

The viewfinder of the Rhino 50DS 357 Co2 Airsoft Revolver it is fixed in fiber optic with an always adjustable rear sight in fiber optic and the autonomy of the weapon is approximately 50 shots fired thanks to a 12 gram CO2 capsule. The Revolver size for Airsoft are 240 mm in length and weigh 1020 grams and the package includes the rigid case, the hop up adjustment key and 6 shells with Rhino pistol.

Why choose the revolver for Airsoft

There choosing a revolver for Airsoft it can be motivated by several reasons, and depends on the personal preferences and gaming needs of each player. Here are some reasons why someone might choosing a revolver as your main airsoft weapon:

  1. Style and realism: Revolvers have a unique charm and are often associated with the image of the Old West or detectives. Choosing a revolver can add a distinctive style to your Airsoft outfit and accessories.
  2. Simplicity and reliability: Revolvers are often simpler in their construction than other airsoft guns, as they have fewer moving parts and require no batteries or gas to function. This generally makes them more reliable and less prone to malfunctions during gameplay.
  3. Charging speed: Drum revolvers have a fairly fast loading system compared to other Airsoft pistols. While automatic pistols require the magazine to be reloaded, revolvers can be reloaded by inserting a fresh bullet into the drum.
  4. Realism during the game: If you participate in Airsoft events that seek to replicate historical situations or realistic scenarios, revolvers may be an appropriate choice for western-style simulations or historical adventures.
  5. Ease of maintenance: Because revolvers are often built with fewer moving parts than automatic pistols, maintenance can be easier and require less attention.

All you have to do is find out for yourself Features of Co2 Airsoft Revolver Rhino 50DS 357 Magnum 6mm HARLEY QUINN Limited Edition and buy it conveniently online.

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