There Co2 airsoft pistol M9A3 color INOX full-metal Beretta by Umarex or Beretta M9A3 it is produced by the specialized brand Umarex with Beretta royalty. It is a weapon also known as the M9, which has found increasing use since the 1980s and the M9A3 is the updated version of a successful model made by one of the oldest firearms companies in the world.

Features of the Beretta M9A3 for Airsoft

The version as Beretta M9A3 CO2 airsoft pistol it really has a lot to offer starting from the redesigned frame, Picatinny rail and muzzle thread (M14 x 1, left) with butt lock nut. Powerful recoil and a heavy all-metal design give you authentic handling with every shot. All-in-one magazine holds 18 rounds. Other features include an adjustable shoot-up, an ambidextrous slide stop lever and safety levers on both sides – all in all, totally convincing in every detail.

There technical data sheet of the M9A3 Co2 airsoft pistol color INOX full-metal Beretta by Umarex it’s the following:

Technical features:
caliber 6mm
CO2 operation
Metal body and trolley.
Shooting Mode: Safe – Single shot.
22 round magazine
Hop-UP present and adjustable
M14 x 1 thread, left

Weight 1070g
Size 226mm

Included in the package are 100 pellets of 0.20 g

Advantages of CO2 guns for Airsoft

Softair practitioners find the CO2 pistols, a category of Softair weapons to which the Beretta by Umarex Co2 M9A3 full-metal STAINLESS STEEL airsoft pistol also belongs. Between advantages of the best CO2 guns for Airsoft There are:

  1. Power: CO2 guns are generally more powerful than spring-loaded or electric guns. Thanks to the compression of the CO2 gas, these guns can fire pellets at a higher rate, ensuring better accuracy and range.
  2. Realism: CO2 pistols often more closely recreate the look and function of real pistols. This adds an element of realism to the Airsoft gameplay experience, allowing players to experience similar sensations to handling a real weapon.
  3. Semi-automatic: Many CO2 pistol models are semi-automatic, which means they can fire multiple rounds without having to manually reload between shots. This gives a tactical advantage in game situations where speed and number of shots are important.
  4. Ease of charging: CO2 pistols are generally easy to reload. Simply insert a new CO2 cartridge into the rifle’s magazine and you’re ready to go again. This allows for quick magazine changes and without having to waste time manually reloading each shot.
  5. Consistent performance: Unlike spring-loaded pistols, CO2 pistols maintain a constant pressure until the cartridge is completely used up. This means that the velocity and power of the pellets remain more stable during the use of the weapon, improving the accuracy and consistency of the shots.

Where to buy the M9A3 Co2 airsoft pistol color INOX full-metal Beretta by Umarex

Who wants buy the M9A3 Co2 airsoft pistol color INOX full-metal Beretta by Umarex can do it on sites specializing in weapons and equipment for Softair with the guarantee of being able to count on one 100% original replica and at the best price. Buy your CO2 gun for Softair now and get ready to take the field with the certainty of winning every fight: seeing is believing!

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