Most softgunners like to have by their side in addition to the airsoft rifle also there colt pistol, a secondary weapon that ensures maximum reliability on the battlefield. There Co2 Airsoft Pistol 1911 Blowback Black is the ideal solution to never run out of ammunition in close combat and just the blowback CO2 pistols they are the ideal solution.

These are very high quality weapons that offer a unique user experience thanks to the integrated blowback, which makes the Airsoft CO2 pistol in all respects similar in sensations and functioning to the original guns.

Why is the Co2 1911 Black Blowback Pistol appreciated by the softgunner?

Between advantages of the Black Co2 1911 Blowback Pistol there is the exceptional aiming ability given by the particular grip, shape and overall balance of the weapon. This is the weapon also suitable for inexperienced users since the shot hits the target even with an approximate aim.

Apart from this the trigger of the Colt 1911 is easy to handle since the trigger does not rotate on a pivot, but translates posteriorly, eliminating a source of possible line-of-sight disturbance. The trigger has a short stroke with a sharp and constant release. Ultimately the professional softgunner will appreciate it perfect ergonomics of the Co2 Airsoft Pistol 1911 Black Blowback. All elements and controls are where they should be: magazine release button at the root of the trigger guard, hold open and frame safety all controllable with the thumb. Fourth, the all-steel construction makes the firearm stable, which results in a stable shooting platform that allows for quick re-fire.

Due to its characteristics, the Co2 1911 Black Blowback Pistol is appreciated by the softgunner, who considers it an effective weapon with which it is really simple to hit the target.

Features of the Co2 1911 Blowback Pistol Black

There Pistola Softair Co2 1911 Blowback Black is a full metal CO2 blowback pistol and it is a powerful and very economical weapon, endowed with exceptional qualities. The pistol is made by the WG brand in 100% metal and is offered in black color.

It is used with 6 mm ceramic and metal pellets and the magazine has 21 rounds. As for weight and dimensions, the Co2 1911 Black Scarrellante Softair Pistol weighs 1 kg and is 23 cm long. Those who have tried it guarantee excellent feedback and are satisfied with a Softair weapon which, despite being cheap, does not preclude any possibility of having fun.

Technical sheet of the Co2 1911 Black Blowback Airsoft Pistol

The Co2 1911 Black Blowback Airsoft Pistol is the faithful replica of the WG brand model 1911 colt and runs on CO2 with semi-automatic blowback. Made entirely of metal, it has a 21-round magazine and shoots 6mm ceramic and metal pellets. 23 cm long and weighing 1 kg, it is supplied in a package which includes a gun, screwdriver and 100 pellets of 0.20 grams.

The advice is to buy Airsoft weapons such as the Co2 1911 Black Blowback Pistol only on specialized sites and portals to bring home the faithful ally of your battles and fights on the field. Faithful and simple to use Colt 1911 CO2 pistol it’s the perfect ally when you run out of shots in your airsoft rifle or you need a light and handy weapon for close combat.

Discover all the features of the Co2 1911 Black Blowback Pistol and buy it conveniently online and at the best price to win every battle!

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