CQC is a military tactic that makes use of proximity to defeat the enemy. This article discusses the possible application to airsoft games.

If you’ve ever played a game of metal gear, you will know what I’m talking about. One man being able to take out an entire army, defeat the main guy and get the girl. (Okay so that sounds just like any other videogame around the world). But what if the game play was presented in such a way that with proper training, you too would be able to accomplish the feat? And it gets even trickier. In the game, you can even accomplish the feat using nothing but a pistol! This game got me thinking. Can you apply this theory to actual airsoft games?

Sure being able to wield out your 8 inch airsoft machine guns would be a cool sight to see. But being able to take your opponent out with a side arm exemplifies true skill. There are many advantages of using the sidearm over Airsoft machine guns. And these advantages can be in their proximity. CQC or close quarters combat is a technique popularized by Russian and Israeli soldiers which is used in the event that your battle will end up in close quarters.

There can be a psychological battle that you can wage with your pistol as compared to the opponents airsoft machine guns. One would be as your distance between you and your opponent decreases, your advantage with a handgun increases. If you are able to isolate the maneuverability of his primary weapon, which are usually the airsoft machine guns, you will be at a better advantage of taking him down with the pistol. Many people in airsoft need to be far away in order for them to be in their comfort zone. Being able to fire airsoft machine guns at close range would be quite difficult for someone who has little to no experience in close quarters combat.

Now I’m not saying that the use of a pistol will outdo airsoft machine guns and airsoft sniper rifles every time. All I’m saying is that it is an option that hasn’t been explored that much in the realm of airsoft. Imagine being able to take out a horde of troops holding just your pistol against their airsoft machine guns and airsoft sniper rifles.

Close quarters combat, I believe is a skill that can be developed. And if you do develop it, any person you encounter who doesn’t have this skill will probably give in to pressure and choke. Think of the scenario of a bull homing in on you and he’s getting real close real fast. Many would usually lose control and get careless. That’s the same theory with trying to rush up close to your opponent.

If this skill ever does surface in airsoft games, it would be something new to add in terms of strategy and technique. Not to mention the number of BB pellets you would save.

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