Among the weapons most loved by replica collectors is the 45 -4.75″ caliber cavalry revolver made by S.Colt in the USA in 1873. It is a weapon with a rotating drum mechanism and a decorated imitation ivory stock, while the body and barrel are in metal with refined engraved decorations that increase the value of the weapon.

The proposed revolver is a very beautiful and elegant pistol, weighing 780 grams and 29 cm long. A weapon that due to its characteristics is appreciated by historical gun enthusiasts of all ages and which can be purchased conveniently online on sites and portals specialized in replicas.

Features of the 45- 4.75″ USA 1873 caliber cavalry revolver

The .45-4.75″ caliber cavalry revolver, also known as Colt Single Action Army (SAA) or Colt Peacemakeris an iconic firearm that was adopted by the US Army in 1873. This weapon was used extensively during the American frontier era and gained popularity for its reliability and accuracy.

Here they are main features of the .45-4.75″ caliber cavalry revolver:

  1. Caliber: The .45-4.75″ caliber cavalry revolver uses the .45 Colt caliber, which is a powerful caliber suitable for military use. The diameter of the bullet is approximately 11.43 mm.
  2. Length of barrel: The barrel length is 4.75 inches (about 12cm). This length is optimal for a combination of handling and precision.
  3. Drive: The revolver uses a single action action, which means that you must manually cock the firearm after each shot to prepare it for the next shot. The firearm is cocked by lowering the hammer and rotating the cylinder.
  4. Drum capacity: The drum has a capacity of six rounds. This was the standard for revolvers at the time.
  5. Materials and finishes: The cavalry revolver was usually made of steel with a blue finish. The butt of the weapon was traditionally made of wood, often made from walnut.
  6. Aim: The weapon was equipped with a fixed sight, consisting of a rear sight on the rear of the barrel and a fixed front sight. The aiming was simple enough, but effective for the military purposes of the time.
  7. Handle: The handle of the cavalry revolver was designed to provide a solid and comfortable grip when used on horseback. The grip was usually made from walnut wood and could be customized to fit the shooter’s hand.
  8. Security systems: The revolver was fitted with a safety pin on the right side of the weapon. This pin could be inserted to prevent the hammer from being cocked, reducing the risk of accidental firing.

The .45-4.75″ caliber cavalry revolver has become a symbol of the Wild West era and has a rich history of westward expansion of the United States. Its reliability, ruggedness, and accuracy made it a popular choice with cowboys, soldiers, and adventurers of the day. Even today, the Colt Single Action Army is appreciated as a classic single shot revolver.

Why buy the Cavalry Revolver?

There are many reasons that lead enthusiasts of ancient weapons to purchase the cavalry revolver of 1873 and among these there are:

  1. History and tradition: The cavalry revolver is an iconic weapon that represents an important piece of American history. Buying and owning a firearm with such a rich history can be fascinating for firearms aficionados and history buffs.
  2. Collectibles: For firearms collectors, the .45-4.75″ Cavalry Revolver is a highly desirable piece. The firearm has significant historical and cultural value, and variants that are rare or in exceptional condition can have a high market value.
  3. Sport shooting: The cavalry revolver can be used for sport shooting, such as target shooting or cowboy shooting competitions. Its accuracy and single-action action can bring you a fun and rewarding shooting experience.
  4. Historical recreation: For those who engage in historical recreation of the Wild West era or other eras, owning an authentic cavalry revolver or a faithful replica can help create a realistic atmosphere and immersive experience.

You just have to discover firsthand all the details of this weapon of exceptional charm and buy it comfortably online on sites specializing in historical weapons.

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