It wasn’t long ago that the two words camping and comfort didn’t necessarily go together. Camping was for those who didn’t mind going without the comforts and conveniences of traditional home living. Conveniences like bathrooms, showers, comfortable sleeping surfaces, and food not cooked over a fire.

Things have changed.

Camping can now be a comfortable and, at times, indulgent recreational activity. There are many items available on the market today that supply campers with more than the basic amenities when enjoying their time outdoors.

A solar heated camping shower, port-a-potty seats, camp kitchens, airbeds, and outdoor barbeque grills are just a few indulgences that can make a huge difference in the comfort of campers who enjoy living outdoors. Even those who enjoy roughing it occasionally will admit to sleeping better after being able to take a refreshing warm shower.

Women who may refuse to go camping with no water or bathroom available often will enjoy a camping trip when basic amenities are included. While not having a bathroom seat to sit on won’t bother a man, a woman will often draw the line at living outdoors without one. Just being able to bathe with a portable camping shower will often make a difference to a woman who otherwise would decide to stay home when the rest of the family goes camping.

Things like a soft air bed for a relaxing and restful night’s sleep is a comfort that many people don’t want to give up. When the outside temperature is quite warm, humid, and there is no breeze to cool the inside of the tent, roughing it often goes by the wayside. After hiking, hunting, or fishing all day, a fresh camping shower rinse and a soft bed are the ultimate in relaxation.

People now demand amenities like tent air conditioners to cool off sleeping quarters on hot or humid nights. Battery powered lanterns for lighting instead of fires, bug zappers or torches instead of mosquito repellent, and portable screened rooms for insect free dining or socializing during the day are more the norm these days than ever before.

Large area carpets and screened canopies are now common at camp sites. A solar powered camp shower and port-a-potty seats are also regular items found at outdoor sites. Camp kitchens are brought in along with high tech coolers that keep food cold for longer periods of time. People not only expect to sleep comfortably when camping, but they also expect to eat well using conveniences they are accustomed to. Forms of refrigeration and heating are things that many are not used to going without.

Camping can be made easier when you have a list of the conveniences you’d like to enjoy when camping ready for the next planned trip. Take a poll of what family members would enjoy having on the next camping trip and see if it’s something that can be incorporated in your next camping experience. The more enjoyment each family member has during the outdoor trip, the longer they will be willing to stay.

By airsoft