On airsoft catalogs or on softgunner blogs and Facebook pages, you often read these definitions, that is bottom valve And upper valveLet’s try to understand what it is. Normally we refer to gas and green gas guns but also to Co2 powered guns. Usually these valves are contained within the loader and have different functions, in summary, one is an inlet valve and one is an outlet valve.

Lower gas gun valve – green gas

Placed in the magazine, it is the gas inlet valve. It is the inlet on which the nozzle of the gas refill cylinder is inserted, when the charger has the same pressure as the external cylinder, it means that the refill is completed. An acoustic hiss accompanies the passage of gas and ends when the pressure is balanced (full magazine). To get an idea of ​​the pressure we are talking about, we can say that the gas and green gas refills for airsoft on the market have pressures ranging from about 100/110 PSI of the more standard ones, ai 130/150 PSI of high-performance refills.

Gas gun top valve – green gas

Located on the upper side of the loader, it represents the pressurized gas outlet valve from the loader. When the trigger is pulled, a trigger unit momentarily presses on the upper valve, releasing the pressurized gas and diverting it towards the gun barrel (or towards the hop-up system if present).

Both valves have o-rings seal and are screwed onto the magazine body. In some cases it may be necessary to replace the lower valve if it is damaged during recharging or if it is soiled with dust or sand (loss of seal). The upper valve can also be unscrewed to be replaced, perhaps with one with a higher flow rate. The cost of these valves, based on the type and quality, can vary from about 5 euros to about 20 euros.

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