Among the favorite weapons of the Softair player and those who collect replicas of original weapons there is definitely blank pistol model Beretta 84 caliber 9 mm + 50 ROUNDSa black, semi-automatic, all-metal blowback pistol with plastic grips.

There Beretta 84 pistol mount a 8-round magazine and has the following dimensions: length of 170 mm and weight of 600 grams. It is sold with a black plastic case and the operating mechanism provides for blowback with each shot with lateral ejection of the empty cartridge case. No free sale permit is required to purchase this pistol.

Operating mechanism of the blank pistol model Beretta 84 caliber 9 mm

There Beretta 84 blank pistolalso known as “Beretta 84FS Cheetah”, is a variant of the semi-automatic Beretta 84. The blank version is designed to fire blank shells or blank cartridges, which do not contain an actual projectile, but only produce a blast and flash of fire for ceremonial, sporting or training purposes.

The working mechanism The basic principle of the Beretta 84 blank pistol is similar to that of conventional semi-automatic pistols. Here is an overview of how it works:

Loading: To load the pistol, a magazine containing blank cartridges is inserted into the lower part of the stock. Magazine capacity depends on the specific model and may vary.

Shooting cycle: After inserting the magazine, the safety lever can be pulled down to unlock the weapon. Then, the slide is pulled rearward by hand to initiate the firing cycle. This movement rears the hammer and compresses the recoil spring.

Cartridge chamber: When the slide is fully retracted, it is locked in the open position by the slide lock. This allows you to visually and physically check that the cartridge chamber is empty.

Diet: When pushing the slide forward, the recoil spring pushes the slide forward rapidly. During this movement, the top of the slide catches a round from the magazine and pushes it into the chamber.

Slide closure: Once the cartridge has been fed into the chamber, the slide closes fully forward, closing the chamber and chambering the cartridge ready to fire.

Percussion: At this point, the firing pin is in contact with the cartridge in the chamber. Squeezing the trigger releases the firing pin, which strikes the bottom of the blank cartridge. This causes an explosion within the cartridge chamber, producing a bang and a flash of fire.

Case ejection: After firing, the energy generated by the explosion pushes the slide rearward, resetting the mechanism and opening the cartridge chamber. The fired case is ejected from the chamber through the blowhole at the top of the slide.

Repeat cycle: As the case is ejected, the recoil spring pushes the slide forward again, ready for a new firing cycle.

It is important to note that the Beretta 84 blank pistol it is specially designed for firing blanks and is not suitable for the use of lethal ammunition. Before using any firearm, it is essential that you know the safety rules and comply with local laws and regulations.

Who seeks guns for Airsoft or replicas of weapons collectors can buy them on specialized sites and portals, always 100% original and at the best price. Airsoft weapons are essential for this sport and the Beretta 84 blank pistol represents a valuable choice to win every battle.

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