Here we are with a beautiful box to open on your desk, it’s a beautiful one replica M933 Commando by Lancer Tacticalan airsoft electric submachine gun with item number LK9001 and with a power (the manufacturer immediately declares it very clearly) lower than 1 Joule, specifically 0.99 Joule. Now you know immediately what it is, read from here on because we are about to do an interesting “unboxing”.

We can assure you that opening the beautiful box (all silk-screened) of Lancer Tactical from a certain satisfaction, nothing is left to chance and you notice it immediately. Opening the box you immediately notice order and attention to detail, on the upper part of the lid there is a transparent envelope containing the complete instructions, then – looking down – you see the complete set that will take you into pure fun, even before using it !

The manufacturer immediately puts at your disposal a nice bag with 1000 (one thousand) white dots of the “Extreme Precision” type and with a mass of 0.20 grams. We immediately take advantage of the cue to remind you of always wear protective gogglesyou can find ballistic glasses that cost less than 10 euros and protect your eyes, it’s very important, to the point that we’ll probably remind you again at the end of the article!

Before arriving at electric machine gun real (a real gem) let’s talk about the other accessories. Each component has its own housing in the shaped cardboard, on the left we see it flash hider black in color and made of metal, then we see the specific 230V socket charger for batteries Ni-Mh and Ni-CD with 8-10V voltage and 400mA charging current. More in the center in the box we see the metal charger (Tan color) from 300 rounds while on the right we have the Nunchuck type battery pack (in fact it looks a lot like it) with voltage of 9.6V, capacity of 1600mAh (Ni-Mh). The battery elements are also branded Lancer Tactical. Then we have the rod for cleaning the barrel, a simple but useful accessory.

Now we come to replica M933 Commandoclassic version of M4 in version CQB extension. This machine gun is beautiful, especially if you consider the price, very accessible for this quality and technical level, now let’s see how it is done outside! Built with polymer reinforced with metal parts, all in Tan color except for some elements such as trigger, shooting mode lever, belt attachments, front sight and some details which are black. Handling it is pleasant, first of all due to the weight which is not that of a toy but of one valid airsoft replicathe mass is of about 1900 grams and feels, not too heavy but realistic to hold.

There total absence of annoying “mechanical games” it reveals the build quality, only the rings to fix the belt (if the belt is not mounted) can generate small noises, the rest is the sound of the quality mechanics. The upper handle is removable to be able to mount scopes, red-dots or other similar accessories, the stock is adjustable for maximum stability and to adapt to every shooter, to adjust it just press a lever with non-slip workmanship that unlocks the slide of the stock itself. This M4 it has a quick release spring guide and a 2 or 3 point belt attachment.

M933 Commando, as it is done internally:

We have seen how well it is done externally but it is inside that there are other pleasant surprises. This series Lancer Tactical mount a Gen.2 full metal gear box with 8 mm bushings connected to a high torque and long shaft motor. The gears are in steel with sectorial with delayer. The gear-box connects with the air unit through a piston which has a rack 14 metal teeththe cylinder is made of anodized aluminum and contains a spring with a power just below 1 Joule. The barrel is precision made with a diameter of 6.03 mm on which an excellent system is mounted hop up V2 with rubber 50°. Recall that this airsoft replica has a quick release spring guide. Electrically we have low resistance harnesses with reinforced electric trigger.

Data sheet M933 Commando by Lancer Tactical

  • ASG type: electric submachine gun
  • Brand: Lancer Tactical
  • Material: Reinforced Nylon Polymer and Metal
  • Fire modes: safe, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Color: Tan with black details
  • Weight: 1900 grams
  • Magazine capacity: 300 rounds
  • Motor type: hi-torque long shaft
  • Gearbox type: V2 full-metal
  • Hop-up type: V2 with 50° rubber
  • Cylinder: anodized aluminum
  • Piston: reinforced with 14 metal teeth
  • Inner barrel diameter: 6.03mm
  • Power: 0.99 Joules
  • What you find in the kit:
  • Replica M4 code LK9001 (on the body code LT01TLG205886)
  • Ni-Mh 9.6V 1600mAh battery
  • Battery charger
  • Metal flash hider
  • Barrel cleaning rod
  • 1000 white BBs “Extreme Precision” 0,20 gr.
  • Full instructions

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Remember to always wear goggles and expect other players to wear them too!

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