Even today we find ourselves unpacking a nice electric rifle airsoft replica M4 RESagain we are dealing with a production Lancer Tactical and therefore with the usual build quality, but let’s start from the packaging.

Once again we have an imposing and beautiful box of sturdy cardboard, very colorful and with the various logos of the brand, inside, all neatly, they find a place in the center replica for airsofton the left we have the sturdy secondary handle made of reinforced polymer in Tan color, on the left we see the flash hider black in color and made of metal, the 9.6V battery pack with a capacity of 1600 mAh. Then we have the relative automatic battery charger with a charging current of 400 mA for a 230V outlet, the 300-round Hi-Cap metal magazine (Tan in colour) and a nice package with 1000 PRO SERIES “Extreme Precision” white pellets with a mass of 0.20 grams. Comprehensive instructions and barrel cleaning rod complete the picture.

How this M4 RIS by Lancer Tactical electric rifle is made externally

First of all let’s say the product code for the avoidance of doubt, it is the model with code LK9009V2 with power within 0.99 Joules. Let’s say then that it is a version M4 bicolor with Tan handguard, grip, magazine and stock, while the barrel, body, sights and trigger are black. The construction of this airsoft submachine gun is in sturdy and light polymer with metal parts, it has a front rail and an upper Weaver / Piccatinny rail for mounting optics or other accessories with a standard attachment, the body is in reinforced polymer while the high-capacity magazine is made of metal. The stock is adjustable for maximum stability and to adapt to each shooter, it also has a 2 or 3 point sling attachment, a quick release spring (which as standard provides a power of just under 1 Joule). This electric gun for airsoft fires in safe / semi automatic / automatic mode and has a mass of about 1900 grams.

How this M4 RIS by Lancer Tactical electric rifle is made in-house

Let’s start with the barrel, this is precision made and has an internal diameter of 6.03 mm to optimize the accuracy and speed of the shot and to provide maximum performance. The system hop-up is V2 type with 50° rubber. The gear unit makes itself the strength of a Gen. 2 full-metal gear box with 8 mm bushings, steel gears and sectorial with delayer. The electric motor is of the high torque type and long shaft electrically connected to the trigger and battery pack with low resistance wiring, the electric trigger is of the reinforced type. The battery that supplies power (included in the kit, we repeat) is of the Ni-Me Nunchuck type with a voltage of 9.6V x 1600 mAh capacity.

M4 RIS electric rifle air assembly by Lancer Tactical

As regards the air unit, i.e. the system which – together with the last part of the gear-box – converts rotary energy into air pressure, this has piston with 14 metal teeth (rack), anodized aluminum cylinderreinforced pellet pusher, spring guide with spring able to supply 0.99 joules of power. The spring guide system is a quick release type to speed up changes to the system.

We remind you that some components of electric guns for airsoft are highly stressed during operation, This M4 RES has a robust mechanics and quality as demonstrated by the full-metal type gear-box, the high torque motor and also other elements of the air group, in particular the piston rack which has metal teeth. This is a further guarantee of quality and durability. We also recall that this type of electric gun offers many processing possibilities, it is possible to act on the motor, on the gear-box reduction ratio, on the air unit and also on the electrical part, by mounting for example a Mosfet or an ETU system to implement functions advanced related to the automatic fire mode.

What you find in the package of this M4 RIS by Lancer Tactical LK9009V2

  • Electric replica for airsoft
  • Secondary handle
  • 300 Bbs metal hi-cap magazine
  • Barrel cleaning rod
  • Full instructions
  • 1000 Bbs “Extreme Precision” 0.20 gr.
  • Ni-Me Nunchuck battery 9.6V x 1600mAh
  • Specific charger
  • M4 RIS by Lancer Tactical LK9009V2 electric rifle data sheet
  • ASG type: electric submachine gun
  • Brand: Lancer Tactical
  • Code: LK9009V2
  • Material: Reinforced Nylon Polymer and Metal
  • Fire modes: safe, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Color: Two Tone, Black and Tan
  • Weight: 1900 grams
  • Magazine capacity: 300 rounds
  • Motor type: hi-torque long shaft
  • Gearbox type: V2 full-metal
  • Hop-up type: V2 with 50° rubber
  • Cylinder: anodized aluminum
  • Piston: reinforced with 14 metal teeth
  • Inner barrel diameter: 6.03mm
  • Power: 0.99 Joules

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Remember to always wear goggles and expect other players to wear them too!

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