The best airsoft pistol under $25 or so would be a spring pistol. Gas powered airsoft handguns may have more power and speed, but they can also be much more expensive. If you are just starting out with airsoft, are on a budget, or just want a gun for looks and not necessarily for use in tournaments, then spring pistols are a good and cheap option.

A good spring pistol will have good power and accuracy, but they do need to be cocked prior to each shot. You can get a nice looking, reliable springer for pretty cheap too. Here are just a few of the best airsoft spring pistols that you can get for around $20 to $30.

UHC M9 or UHC 1911- These are two classic guns that have good power and range. They are mostly made of ABS but have a good weight and feel to them. You can get them in black or silver for only $20 each. These are some of the most popular airsoft spring pistols.

Double Eagle M291- This is a newer gun and is based on the 1911 handgun, but it is all black and is mostly metal, giving it a realistic look and feel. It is a great gun and is less than $20. It is hard to find a good metal airsoft pistol under $25 or $30.

UHC Sig Sauer P228- This is another good springer with good accuracy and power. It is fairly light and has a decent clip size, and is only about $20.

Desert Eagle- A popular airsoft gun, the Desert Eagle is a bit heavier and realistic looking. But the cheap springer models don’t have quite the power and accuracy that a gas powered gun may have. But still cool for the looks, and it is only $25 most places.

Umarex P99 with silencer- This one sold at ShortyUSA is slightly more at $30, but it is a good option to consider. It looks cool, has good power and accuracy, and it comes with a silencer. It might not be the best quality gun available, but for the price it is very nice especially since it comes with a mock suppressor.

The Beretta Spring M92FS Pistol isn’t as good as the pistols previously listed but it is still a great gun for the price you pay. It has a realistic feel to it even though it is made out of plastic, and is priced around 25 dollars depending on where you buy it. It holds 12 bbs and shoots roughly 300 fps.

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