Among the best airsoft guns of this 2023 we can tell you about another new model Vorsk that might interest you. It may interest you not if you are looking for an “entry level” ASG but if you are looking for a high-end pistol with high-level features. This is indeed a beautiful one blowback full-metal with a length of 225mm (therefore not a compact) and a weight of 930 grams. A voluminous model (but quite discreet thanks to the completely black color) and with a nice feeling of realism. To avoid errors, we will immediately indicate the article code VGP-02-CS-01 also because this brand offers several, some quite similar to each other. We are talking to you about Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance with cane 113mm but now let’s see how it’s done.

We want to start from the front sight this time, this is because it has a rather particular system, on the front of the gun we have a central notch with fiber optic element while at the rear we find a metal viewfinder with double notch and type adjustable. This allows the front sight to be adjusted to match gun tolerances, and the fiber optic element facilitates fast target aiming. That said, let’s move on to the external description; a robust full-metal with precise machining on the carriage (CNC machined) which presents the writings CUSTOM VORSK SHOP on the left side e VENGEANCE On the right side. Under the barrel is a standard sled for mounting accessories such as torches or lasers, the handle has an effective grip thanks to the non-slip grips. On the barrel we find a 12 mm (CW) to 14 mm (CCW) threaded adapter.

The gun fires in single shot and safe mode, as we have also mentioned this one to you CS Hi Capa Vengeance it has blow-back effect then a gun blowbackthis, together with the mass of over 900 grams and the metal for its construction make it an ASG very realistic in use, thanks also to the power. Regarding this, we inform you that this model is also convertible for green gas or Co2 operationjust use specific specific components included in the kit.

To complete the presentation of the body of this pistol, we point out a provision for a floating red-dot slide, safety on the weapon grip, fluted external barrel (the diameter of the internal barrel is instead 6.03 mm), the aforementioned front sights in metal with fiber optic, Flared Magwell skirt, extended magazine base plate and polymer grip with scale pattern. The charger from 23 rounds it is full-metal, solid and with a very precise construction, below we provide you with the list of magazines with which this pistol is compatible with the relative article codes.

Box contents of the Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance

Before listing the parts included, please note that this ASG comes home in one very sturdy and well cared for packagingthe box is in glossy black cardboard with a beautiful screen printing and with magnetic closure, inside we find the replica well packed in the shape that protects it, we find 1 STD Gas VENGEANCE Black magazine – VGM-02-03, a 12 mm threaded adapter to 14 mm flash hider, barrel bushing tool, spare gas nozzle, conversion kit for Co2 operation complete with specific nozzle and spring, Vorsk PVC patch, instructions and exploded view of the parts that make up this softgun.

Magazines compatible with Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance

  • VGM-02-01 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Gas Magazine
  • VGM-02-02 – BLACK – 23R Hi-Capa Co2 Magazine
  • VGM-02-03 – BLACK – 23R Vengeance Gas Magazine

Basically we are suggesting one gas and co2 gun perfect if you are looking for an article of high build quality, with a fairly important impact given the size of 225 mm, a nice ASG to use because it offers good realism both to the touch (thanks to the metal execution and the weight) and during the shot (thanks to the blowback effect). The possibility of using it with both green gas and Co2 makes it very flexible, while the aiming system with fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear element make it precise for all shooters. The quality of the softgun and its accessories is high, Vorsk has accustomed us to this with all the models we have reviewed to date.

We remind you of the article code that is VGP-02-CS-01 while the link of the airsoft online store where to order this Vorsk CS Hi Capa Vengeance is the following

If you want to see the other Vorsk models available, you can find a complete list here

Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed! We just have to tell you to protect your eyes as always with special ballistic goggles (which you can find on the same airsoft online shop) and to make sure you have the ammunition for airsoft (6 mm, also in this case you can use pellets with mass 0 without problems, 20 grams or even the heaviest 0.25 – 0.28 grams with excellent results).

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