If you are looking for a good electric machine gun for close-range engagements, beautiful, well made and with an average weight, this (which weighs approximately 1900 grams) from the Lancer Tactical you have to take it into consideration as you can have it for less than 200 euros! We will immediately tell you the article code and where to find it because perhaps you have already fallen in love with the photo, article number Lk9003v2 and you can order it now here (subject to stock availability of course).

A sturdy and well built M4 with reinforced polymer body which makes it solid and light at the same time, front rail supplied, Weaver/Piccatinny rails on the front handguard and upper body for mounting optics and various accessories, quick release spring guide, belt attachment with 3 ambidextrous holes, flip-up rear sight, adjustable stock for maximum stability.

Internally we have one precision barrel 6.03mm, Gen2 full metal gear box with 8 mm bushings, 1 Joule springsteel gears, sector with delayer, piston with 14 metal teeth, 8 mm steel bushings, anodized aluminum cylinder, high torque motor with long shaft, low resistance electric wiring with reinforced electric trigger, 9.6V battery x 1600 mAh Nunchuck (included in the kit together with the specific charger), system Hop-Up V2 with 50° rubber.

A nice two-tone black and tan electric SMG with good mechanics, even the air group has quality components and as mentioned, this ASG has a power of 1 Joule. Polymer construction reinforced with Nylon and metal together with the constructive care of Lancer Tactical make this article an interesting opportunity with a low price of just 188.00 euros (at the time of writing of course). It fires in safe, semi-automatic and automatic fire modes by drawing on a high-capacity magazine capable of holding 300 rounds.

The M4 CBR Lancer Tactical electric submachine gun it is supplied complete with HI-CAP 300 round magazine, battery and battery charger. You can use 6mm ceramic or biodegradable pellets of all normal types, 0.20 gram, 0.25 gram or 0.28 gram ones will definitely do. Remember to protect your eyes with ballistic goggles, a few euros spent to play safely!

Airsoft machine gun data sheet:

  • Price below 200 euros
  • Brand: Lancer Tactical
  • Model: M4 CBR
  • Operation: electric
  • Gear box model V2
  • Bushings: present, 8 mm
  • Hop-up V2 with 50° rubber
  • 1 Joule spring
  • Motor: hi-torque long shaft
  • Barrel type: 6.03 mm precision
  • Magazine: high capacity 300 rounds
  • Weight: about 1900 grams
  • Article number: Lk9003v2

By airsoft