Before talking about Beretta M9 A3 Co2 Airsoft Pistol by Umarex UM-2.6357 it is important to know that the Airsoft guns they are not toys since if used carelessly they can lead to serious injuries. The quality of the model is always important and the advice is to buy a perfect replica of the original both in the details and in the materials used.

Among the most important features of the best airsoft gun there is the weight, which affects the accuracy of the weapon and makes it easier to transport. Not only that: when you buy a CO2 airsoft pistol it is important to pay attention to the rounds in the magazine and to other features such as the automatic slide, which makes the reaction speed of the softgunner faster on the battlefield. Between Airsoft guns most loved and sought after by Softair players there is the Beretta M9 A3 Co2 by Umarex UM-2.6357.

The advantages of the Beretta M9 A3 Co2 by Umarex UM-2.6357

There Beretta M9 A3 Co2 airsoft pistol by Umarex UM-2.6357 people like it for some exclusive features that include aesthetics, materials and ability to entertain. From an aesthetic point of view, the best airsoft guns are accurate replicas of the original weapons and are made with great attention to detail and individual components.

As for the materials, the Beretta M9 A3 Co2 by Umarex UM-2.6357 is very resistant and if kept with the right care it lasts a long time. All without forgetting that a good one CO2 pistol for Softair it’s fun and easy to use.

Features of the Beretta M9A3 pistol

There Beretta M9 A3 Co2 by Umarex UM-2.6357 is the latest addition to the large family of M9 pistols and is designed according to the requests of military and law enforcement agencies to ensure maximum performance in any context. It is a reliable, safe and precise pistol whose replica is used in Airsoft battles and fights and in target shooting.

The weapon has all the characteristics required by those who fight in delicate situations and the grip is agile and easy. Among the most appreciated technical features are the threaded barrel, oversized magazine release button, Picatinny rail MIL-STD-1913 knurling on the front and on the back of the handle, completely in metal.

Ultimately, the Co2 Beretta M9 A3 is an excellent replica for collectors, target shooting enthusiasts and softgunners.

The Co2 Beretta M9 A3 in detail

There Beretta M92 M9 A3 Full Metal US Military is a sand-colored weapon produced by the brand specialized in replicas e weapons for Airsoft Umarex and for sale on the best sites of weapons and equipment for Softgunners.

There CO2 gun includes Beretta royalties and bears the original logos of the famous brand on the barrel. It is a 6 mm caliber pistol that fires a single shot at a shooting distance that varies between 30 and 40 meters, at a speed of 110 m/s.

The Beretta M9 A3 Co2 by Umarex UM-2.6357 is the perfect replica of the ASG Beretta supplied to the US-Military Forces and features semi-automatic operation, adjustable hop up and weaver slide under the barrel for adding various accessories. The removable magazine holds 22 pellets and the color is particular and unusual, defined as the “flat dark earth” fde-finish.

Technical characteristics of the Beretta M92 m9 A3 US-Military

We conclude the analysis of Beretta M92 m9A3 US-Military with the summary of the technical characteristics of this CO2 pistol for Airsoft:

  • CO2 operation
  • blowback
  • Weight 850g
  • Size 225mm
  • Included in the package are 100 pellets of 0.20 g.

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